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  3. 31
  4. pursuit master XD
  5. works on IRL cars ! that would be dope !! i want FPIU'S :3
  6. NA

    what i just think would help is raising the "nora unit" is for m1 only while CU can just be security, Pworks ETC.
  7. rice is a lethal weapon
  8. enjoy and have fun brother !!
  9. +1 i agree
  10. i haven't been on HSG for the longest times but i have been here to hear about all the cars that used to be on the server i still love the cars that are on HSG right now but some variety wont hurt right?! i was told there used to be utility explorers and Ford Taurus's but they were glitched , all the cars on HSG are amazingly modeled and look amazing but what if we added the newer Chevy Tahoe's and the latest chargers along with the Ford Explorer Utility and the Taurus. is that do-able? and would are server still be stable if they were added?
  11. ^ now thats amazing vehicles right there i use them in LSPDFR not sure if we can get them on HSG
  12. chp will be a great addition / bring back memories of the good old days since we already have skins!
  13. im gonna miss you brother stay safe !
  14. i need tags on the backup server can anyone help?? M1 (CV)