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  1. +1 did most of my training I have learned a lot from him truly one of the best people ! Good luck
  2. TBH, this will be a disorganized mess, our civ database with warrants and citation will work perfectly this will just be a major Nuisance
  3. awesome attitude! always happy needs a bit of training but other than that would be a nice addition to the force!
  4. aviation application

    +1, have fun on the force hope you get accepted! best of luck to you sir!
  5. AWWW cozz imma miss you with all the fun we had as troopers i hope to play civ with you alot more!
  6. @Eddie Cane I was testing out the CAD last Night as we were on patrol I found out many tops and tricks to make your life easier operation it but it's truly amazing and works like a charm . I'm gonna try doing some dispatching today =) can't wait till it will work with the server in tandem thanks Cane
  7. +1
  8. LOVELYYY @Eddie Cane
  9. i agree that thing is confusing. i prefer the CAD that Was first introduced and the one Eddie Cane is working on atm
  10. i really do not mind if it takes long @Jay Walker is i t possible if you can inform us on the training like what time or day it will happen whenever you get to it ? :)
  11. +1 amazing trooper. Trp. Magma definitely will help out with air unit, he is always on!
  12. that looks bad ass
  13. this is very annoying he just joins to troll
  14. Name: goud time: 1:50 est rule broken: impersonation of an admin, mass rdm Recollection of events: joined the server then recognized this person as a previous troll he was killing multiple people and wearing a admin uniform