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  1. 43.....1000
  2. Requesting forum name change. ~A. Rivers
  3. I also have this installed, it's very nice.
  4. Apply for one of the several departments.
  5. @John ONeill Very mature.
  6. Matrix......
  7. @Alex Cortez I also like this because when, you are playing as Civilian and a LEO runs your name its not going to be "Towline" it's better saying A. Rivers instead of "Towline".
  8. Please refer to this.
  9. There is a reason why the age requirement is implemented. I can almost assure you, it will not change. I would also like to mention, Five M is based off Grand Theft Auto 5, Which is Rated 17+.
  10. Will be missed.
  11. Hello everybody I am in the process of moving with my parents to a new house. I will not be in game nor teamspeak for about 3 days. Hope to see everybody soon.
  12. Will be attending.
  13. Thanks Sloth!
  14. Anyone Got any good tutorials for installing them?
  15. Will do, thanks. Also I am pretty sure I'm late but Congrats on A2. @Alex Cortez