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  1. Just so you are aware, some of these vehicles listed above are in the server. Some of the vehicles from RDE or VWE are either not compatible with FiveM (Were made for SP) or cause issues, within the server.
  2. POST APPROVAL TILL INTERVIEW Please join the TeamSpeak Server on the earliest convenience for your oral board. TeamSpeak: ts3.highspeed-gaming.com ( Your interview will be conducted either by A. Rivers, J. Granger or Ms. Kellie Please inform us about a possible appointment to accomplish an interview. - Deputy Director, A. Rivers
  3. I think that they should set the permissions on Teamspeak so CR's are not able to access the Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS Channels. Most of the time the CR's will either come in to Troll or just sit around and listen, there is no reason for a CR to be in those channels if they aren't allowed to roleplay as Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS.
  4. Please refer to the new format in the SASP section down below.
  5. Character Information: Full Name : Austin Rivers Date of Birth : 3/5/76 Residential Address : 464 Marina Dr Sandy Shores Reason for Application (Why you want to join the SASP?): I feel that the job chooses me I am not choosing the job. I work as a part time EMT and a part time Medevac Pilot I think I could be a great addition to the state police, for several reasons, one being I am medically trained and two I am Aviation trained. I understand that being a state Trooper is not the easiest job in the world you must fit aware and must patience at all times no matter the situation. What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I understand that the State Police Academy offers a first aid learning program involving CPR, basic Trauma and some other topics. I have been trained as a Student Emergency Medical Technician. The training that I have been through is far more advanced then the First Aid class you guys give, not to say your class isn't good. Education Record : The University of San Andreas, San Andreas Flight School. Have you ever been arrested or detained in relation to any criminal case or investigation?: No. Have you ever been convicted of a felony offence by a court of law in the United States or any foreign nation?: No. Do you hold a valid San Andreas drivers license?: Yes. Out of Character Information: Age (Persons under the age of 17 need not apply): 16 Note: M3, 640 hours and dedicated to the community. Previous/Current Community Membership (Any gaming communities such as GTA, Arma, ect): I used to be a moderator on TF2 Clans for several years also familiar with Moderation on Forums. Why do you wish to join SASP? (200 Word Minimum): I wish to join SASP for several reasons, one of those reasons is being that I would like to received the proper training for LEO in general on HSG. I understand that I may not be the best LEO in the world but I am sure of one thing, when I do something I give it one hundred percent of my effort no matter what I am doing. I am involved in SAMR [AAD-1/EMT-103S] and also involved in Public Works [W-9] for my age I would say that I do a pretty good job at what I do, back to the point. I recently have been playing as a Nora unit also have done Community Service Officer stuff in the past, I would like to take this to a serious level, not that it hasn't been but I would like to excel in my Law Enforcement role play. I also believe that I could really help the force out, I understand that there are many Medical calls I would be able to take a lot of those calls and people would know me as a State Trooper EMT. I have dedicated over 600 hours to this community, and I sit here as another hours passes thing to myself how can I make this community better, how could we help people out more and I wan't the same thing for SASP. What will you bring to SASP? (100 Word Minimum):I can bring many things to SASP one of those things being that I am Medically trained [Covered this a little bit in the previous question] EMT I am also very patent I understand a lot of people have no patience. I can bring my patience and hopefully spread it along with the rest of the Troopers. I am also very diligent in what I do very aware and always paying attention to my surroundings. I also believe that I would be very valuable to SASP due to my characteristics and my training that I have had whether that's from the Public Works department or if its from SAMR. I can also bring an open mind set to the State Police I am always thing outside the box about things and never coming to conclusions that don't add up to the clues around me. What are your strengths and weaknesses?: I am not the best on articulating my words. I am very good when it comes to Medical situations also very calm and collective. I always asses the full situation before I jump to any random conclusions. I am also very good with Psycho evaluations and assessments due to the medical training I have received. Character References (List any current SASP Officer who have agrees to attest to your suitably for the SASP): Senior Trooper A. Patel-Traffic Division
  6. Apply for one of the several departments.
  7. Matrix......
  8. Please refer to this.
  9. Will do, thanks. Also I am pretty sure I'm late but Congrats on A2. @Alex Cortez
  10. I think they should possibly restrict the 4 Wheeler/ATV I think its was too fast and way to agile, lately i have been seeing a lot of people abuse it. I think at one point they even had to put a server Notification to not abuse it. That's just my Opinion on it.
  11. Quick Question is San Andreas Supposed to Role-play As California? I see alot of People Saying I have CCW or CCP and I thought that It was Pretty Difficult to Get Those if your a Normal person?