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  1. Still a friendly Server Admin Bwazie, Just going trough a lovey dovey change aroutie <3 

    1. mikichii
    2. VanillaCrave


      Mikichii, you wouldn't understand :P

  2. LMAO Well noted CX
  3. How, what... How even. Whot O.o
  4. ;~;
  5. I want this ENB. Gimmie!!!
  6. Server is open now to public!
  7. Planning on it being open very soon yes. Just ironing out a few bugs.
  8. Sean!! Drag me in TS!!!

  9. Needs more. Needs some HG2 Runners
  10. I Want this! O3O
  11. Just a tip for those newb criminals. Leave drinking and driving for ponies. o3o


    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any deaths caused irl owo xD. Do it in game only. 

  12. I see Bugs' legendary tag