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  1. OMG I finally beat the damn game 


  2. GTA ONline stream. Feeling like blowing sh** up 


  3. Hey all. I am streaming a little bit of ETS2. Come watch! 


  4. I have been there before my friend. That's why I went out 3 years ago and built my own Gaming PC. It's a little out dated. But I am working on updates soon. Sorry to hear about that happening to you.
  5. Consoles are locked to certain specs. Consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 don't have the 4th gen contents like neon lights or rocket races. Xbox one and Ps4 games are made to support the specs of the respective console. PC is more open, more resources available. Not to mention running on a 64bit platform allows all the resources to be put to work.
  6. Hmmm, What speed is that HDD you have? Seeing as yours spikes to 100 while playing. You might have a "5000+rpm" HDD and since your ram had 6 - 7Gbs in use already; My assumption is that there is not enough available memory in the Random Access Memory banks to support a memory spike, causing your game to crash. However, if it lags in single player. Resources and hardware might be the issue. If you recently just bought the game and have played less then 2 hours. Try issuing a refund. I don't want you to have wasted money on something you can't play and I don't want to lose a member. Nothing I can do here.
  7. So.. you're on a laptop? FiveM Alone uses 10 - 11GBs of my ram. (in my experience) Your GPU is "recommended" on the store page for GTA V. But, you might want to lower the graphics significantly and you have to remember. This is FiveM, not GTA Online. Instead of the server storing all the spawning memory, your computer stores it instead. Taking up more ram, there are also custom vehicles. Even more memory needed. When you launch the game next time. Do you have a device like a Logitech keyboard or something to monitor your performance and usage of hardware while ingame.
  8. Could you post your PC specs here please. FiveM Is a resource hog.
  9. What servers were you trying to connect to? Public 1 Public 2 Private 3 Private 4
  10. Live streaming ETS2, In mayhem Rip https://www.twitch.tv/blazeplays93

  11. Still a friendly Server Admin Bwazie, Just going trough a lovey dovey change aroutie <3 

    1. mikichii
    2. Blazie


      Mikichii, you wouldn't understand :P

  12. Sean!! Drag me in TS!!!

  13. Just a tip for those newb criminals. Leave drinking and driving for ponies. o3o


    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any deaths caused irl owo xD. Do it in game only.