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  1. I ate steak for the first time in a while. Now I question what took me so long. OMG YUUM! 

    1. Knight_Marshal


      I now offer to you the humblest of suggestions. 





      These two are fantastic. 

    2. AustinoInc


      It do like Steak, but it totallly depends on how it's cooked.

      If it's slow cooked and cut into cubes that works by me, but if it's a red slab or slices it's way too hard to chew.

    3. Blazie


      I LOVE shawarma!!! 


      I like mine medium

  2. @everyone GOOD MORNING. It's part two of the world of trucks event https://www.twitch.tv/rainbowblazie COME ONE COME ALL

  3. Tammy Enjoying a Smoke

    O3O tf is this xDDDDDD
  4. New sig who dis o3o 


    1. Carter K.

      Carter K.

      oh yes, this is amazing Blazie 

  5. Our land of confusion is ever growing. But hold tight. The weekend is on it's way. Here's some good music! My Homie Dopekiid Dude is literally my neighbor XD 



  6. No context needed :D 0_screenshots_20180313142909_1_by_gaming

  7. 24 Content count, 24 likes, I am satisfied! 

  8. "DisLike me test" How many of you like me and how many of you hate me. Like this for a like and if you hate me post cringy memes in the comments for me to watch as a punishment. If you still love and DisLike me. Still post memes!! ALL DA MEMES

    1. Chris Cazz

      Chris Cazz

      Your an amazing person I don’t hate you at all your funny, hilarious, and I enjoy your livestream

    2. Blazie


      Yaaaay :D 

    3. Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

      Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

      god for ets2 trips and talking to but sadlty cannibus is not legal wher e i live


  9. I like my post signature but I am open to criticism. Like if like it. Comment if you like it and well... Comment if you don't :P    


  10. Holding down the Admin fort during war times <3 XD 


    1. Jason Ross

      Jason Ross

      lol Yokas and I finding different cars to blind Blazie.

    2. Blazie


      Best time ever


  11. Banke glitched

    I sent you some funds to help you out.. Cheers ^^
  12. Unfff+<3 



  13. Banke glitched

    Can you provide a screen shot of the debt you are in and I will see if I can fix it.
  14. No Context required. Just awesomeness. 


    1. Aaron Rivers

      Aaron Rivers

      Wow, that's beautiful.