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  1. whether you have a amd gpu or nividia why dont not to many think to use obs or shadowplay or overwolf.
  2. thats how to properly grill your vegetables all in one.
    1. Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

      Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

      if if you just want a ssd in a second hand build and no hard drives


  3. What users were needing ets2 for the july 7th convoy ets2 is still on sale for $5

  4. WARNING: this might require you to think. So a user spends 25 hours on the server doing security, a few cop baiting, fail rp once or twice and a few good civ rp in a week. Now when the user gets to 25 hrs they ask for CU. We (staff) look at a users history to determine if they get CU or not because really who would want someone that lets say has 3 warnings for cop baiting, rdm and a trolling on their history and get to become a trooper or sheriff. That is why the system is NOT automated to give out CU rank to players Now onto the other question becoming M1. fill out an application following the proper format depending on what it is that you want to apply for and then someone will get to your post and approve or deny it. If you have anymore questions please reply. Love, Fuso Derpy
  5. I see that RP1 has 7 trying toget in says 31/24 and rp2 is full so im going to RP3


  6. Updated HSG ets2 convoy. It now has a time for the event.  Link here  



  7. Users that are looking for info  HSG/HST convoy i have added a link to a non dlc pack for the HST paint  if you do not have the cabin accessories dlc.  Link to convoy post  


  8. HSG convoy 



  9. cu

    so you have over 30 hours which is why you have CU and i hope a good record to go along with it. Also as user above said "do you need help with anything"?
  10. pass. Reason. I still play ets2 and ats. im not going to worry about a 20 questionare. add [HST] username. its not always needed but its the paint.
  11. it is and is not. there are users that have [hst] but i do not see them much and i do not plan convoys because i have a full time job. But if you wanna join into it add [HST] username here
  12. Make your application under applications in the highspeed trucking forum sections (applications section is to come but for now post in highspeedtrucking recruitment section. username hst application) example using my application. __________________________________________________________________________ Applicants username: Fuso Derpy games played ets2 and/or ats: Both Hours spent in games: ets2 2481, ats 134 What DLC do you have for ets2 and ats? Scandinavia, going east, high value cargo pack, scharwzmuller trailer pack. basically list any map, trailer or customization packs excluding country paint job dlcs. Link to your steam profile: Link to your truckerMP profile: Have you been banned before on MP before?: None at all Have you been in any VTC groups before coming here?: Turricki heavy haulage partnership called brony logistics If so what was the names and did you have a position there?: I was a co operator for brony logistics Why did you leave the VTC if you was in one?: they did get their server groups together How would you describe yourself? I prefer to not speak much sometimes but i do enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy modifying save games (thanks bugs for teaching me about how to edit) to make enjoyable custom trucks and trailers. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Optional to do list PC specs: PC specs:Case. Thermaltake snow commander mid towerMotherboard. Gigabyte B85M-D3H mini ATXCPU. I5-4670K @ 3.4ghzGPU. MSI GTX 970 100MEPSU. EVGA 850W BronzeRAM. 2x8GB RipjawsX DDR3 1600SSD. Kingston 240GBHDD.WD Blue 1 TBCPU cooler. cooler master hyper evo 212Fans. 4 cooler master sleeve 120mm fans on the case excluding the CPU fan. this screenshot came from bxbugs.