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  1. *** Today <21:30:41> "Porky": Any idea when this autistic CU Restriction will get lifted? I have been waiting hours... <21:31:00> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": unknown <21:31:17> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": but rp2 should be open but im not able to see what the srrvers are set to <21:32:09> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": opened fivem and rp2 is not listed only rp1 <21:33:20> "Porky": Yeah ik <21:33:25> "Porky": Is there like <21:33:33> "Porky": Can I donate to get CU or something that lets me play <21:33:43> "Porky": Cause I really want to play and I havn't been able to for the last 5 hours <21:33:51> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": register account and make and get application to a department accepted <21:34:04> "Porky": I only have like 5 hours in-game time. <21:34:05> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": the method of donating to get M2 member was dropped last year <21:34:56> "Porky": I find it unethical that just because some CR members ruin the RP experience it has to ruin it for the rest of the CR members. <21:37:42> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": the server started as whitelisted. in november it became open. this is when there was already m1, m2 and m3 members. But because of users that are not members getting on a police or another depoartment and being a disturbance something had to be done which is where CR and CU rank come into play <21:38:24> "Porky": So even with just 5 hours I can apply for things like SAFD? <21:38:26> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": CR is default rank assigned,w after getting 25 hrs in server. CU can be requested or instead make aaccount on highspeed-gaming.com and get a application accepted to a department <21:38:47> "Porky": I see. <21:39:09> "Porky": So you don't need 25 hours to apply for SAFD/SASP <21:39:57> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": make ana count and apply, read and follow the application format provided under safd application template or similar title <21:40:15> "Porky": Okay thanks. <21:43:08> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": now do you understand CR. CR= Casual Risctricted. they have limits. CU= Casual Unrestricted less limits but not as many as CR. M1= Member1 has account and accepted application on a department but still has a few restrictions. M2= Member2 less than m1, and last M3=member 3 has mostly no restriction unless in police dept which is set by PD rank <21:43:38> "Porky": Yeah I understand. <21:43:46> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": http://highspeed-gaming.com/Forum/index.php?/topic/3575-san-andreas-fire-department-application-form/ <21:43:57> "Porky": Creating thread as we speak. <21:44:19> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": as stated in aplication Requirements for applicants and applications: - You may only submit one application for from when the application is posted until three days beyond a reply; duplicate entries will be removed. - You must be of at least 17 years of age or older. If you are younger, consider applying with the Auxiliary Emergency Service instead. - You must have at least 30 hours in-game. - Any form of deceit or plagiarism will result in an immediate denial and a temporary or permanent refusal in any future applications to the Department. <21:44:28> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": so youll need 30 hrs. <21:45:06> "Porky": Fuck <21:46:07> "Porky": What doesn't have stupid requirements like that? <21:46:16> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": could work at it. 3 hrs a day or something but with the serverlock due to trolls, mod menus etc. it is hard to get in <21:46:35> "Porky": Which is why I was ranting in the first place <21:46:47> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": its to prevent the users that read these applications time from being wastred <21:47:07> "Porky": So with no way to get in and no way to apply to get in, what is the point in trying? <21:49:23> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": pretty much none. but im trying to get a dev to lift the restriction. and take a look at our side of this we get tired of assholes with mod menus crashing players, spamming in planes, and before you say get rid of mod menus. that is coming bt it takes time <21:49:51> "Porky": Ik ik <21:50:07> "Porky": I know why you have the restriction, it's just unfortunate that it affects every CR <21:50:08> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": access lock is CR <21:50:36> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": indeed it doesna nd theres been a post to stop making "why sever lcoked" posts <21:50:39> "Porky": Can't admins just ban the people that spawn in all that shit? <21:50:56> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": you think we can pin poiint that? no it doesnt work that way <21:51:01> "Porky": Oh okay <21:51:21> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": there are mopd menus that allow players to spawn objects on another player so take that for loop. <21:51:41> "Porky": Yeah... <21:51:44> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": take gta online for example when payers are getting banned by R* for money bags when they dont want them <21:51:59> "Porky": I had everything taken from my account <21:52:01> "Porky": All my cars <21:52:02> "Porky": Property <21:52:31> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": which is why i do not play gta online i stil have my stuff but asshole asna the grinding to get a overpriced shit on wheels no thanks <21:52:42> "Porky": Yeah <21:53:05> "Porky": so how long you reckon this restriction will be in place? Or how long will it be until a developer comes online? <21:53:17> "Porky": I was browsing the forums and it said a few minutes or hours... <21:53:30> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": you missed my message before <21:508> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": access lock is CR <21:53:37> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": in otherowords its open <21:53:43> "Porky": OH <21:53:43> "Porky": SHIT <21:53:49> "Porky": Thank the lord <21:54:01> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": lord gaben says your welcome <21:54:36> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUo1PgKksgw <21:55:08> "Porky": oh yeh <21:55:48> "Porky": FUK <21:55:52> "Porky": the servers full <21:56:01> "Porky": Of course it is <21:56:08> "Porky": Thanks for your help anyway. <21:56:13> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": it has 29 when i sent the pm <21:56:36> "Porky": Yeah but my FiveM did the thing where it semi-crashes and you have to restart the game <21:57:49> "J. Hall (Fuso)| P-7 | Desktop": your i *** End of chat history
  2. A. i am the one that apm you the message but magwolf is the one that banned you.
  3. The only rp i can think of where shadownite, weston and I are together is a clown block party. Which went downhill sort of. But i watched it from a rooftop 2 buildings away.
  4. underline "never a good idea".
  5. commentator asked where veiwers are watching this from 

    LIVE: Police Chase Underway in Los Angeles

    LIVE: Police chase in Los Angeles area where officers are in pursuit of an allegedly stolen truck & trailer . [Warning: Viewer discretion is advised] STORY: http://bit.ly/2xc2Kkd

    Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Monday, 18 September 2017

       i said from @highspeed-gaming.com

  6. Downloading LoE launcher.

  7. beforte i go out to mow i watched this hopefully it brightens someone elses day 


  8. dont boost on server. 


  9. whether you have a amd gpu or nividia why dont not to many think to use obs or shadowplay or overwolf.
    1. Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

      Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

      if if you just want a ssd in a second hand build and no hard drives


  10. What users were needing ets2 for the july 7th convoy ets2 is still on sale for $5


  11. I see that RP1 has 7 trying toget in says 31/24 and rp2 is full so im going to RP3


  12. Updated HSG ets2 convoy. It now has a time for the event.  Link here