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  1. 5 hrs and 20 mins tiull ets2mp frankfurt to berlin trip on eu2


  2. ETS2mp get together 11pm EST @ Frankfurt on EU2

    Event type: ets2 convoy livestream 11pm EST What game ets2 or ats: ETS2 DLC required: maybe but not it dpends on where we go Server: EU2 Time: 11pm EST= 2300 hrs EST Location/ meeting point: Frankfurt am mein Destination: Berlin then anywhere afterwards Trailer required: yes please Convoy details/directions: going to be mainly taking 2 lane roads to berlin then we can go anywhere afterwards. convoy map link: nah use the damn gps Convoy post link: its right here im not putthing this onto ets2c.com Teamspeak address being used and channel: will be using the HSG discord ATS/ETS voice channel ADDITIONAL INFO: feel free to live stream too! my cheap channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGSi_47UlcVb1ipChxS7Hw/featured?view_as=subscriber
  3. whats on my mind? When to setup a brief notice ets2mp travel together if i should do it at 10pm 11pm or 12pm EST on 1/26/2018 anyone wanna vote which time ill give till noon 12 to decide. untill then ill make a post with 11pm est.


    1. Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

      Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

      wow no replies...

      still set for 11pm est


  4. looking at pawn shops they are closed today booo but they got families too.

  5. Downloading LoE launcher.

  6. What users were needing ets2 for the july 7th convoy ets2 is still on sale for $5