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Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

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  1. the server is whitelisted until a admin aka romaine or bugs opens it.
  2. Merry Christmas and drink something whatever it be.
  3. added video to help give more info
  4. PLEASE please please if you do not have a drivers ed class experience go watch these. These listed videos are to help you when in game as well as to help educate yourself about the real world whether you are 16 and you have a permit or your 18 and you have your full drivers license or if you have your actual CDL (Commercial Drivers license) well why are you here? BUT there are still some things to know when playing this multiplayer mod. First thing to become familiar with HAZMAT Link to a Hazmat Placards - DOT Hazard Class Truck Placards‎ If you feel like something is missing feel free to comment. Tips for multiplayer mod 1. give 100 meters from players in front of you in case of lag from you or the other player in front of them. 2. If you have a wheel or USB game-pad try to drive with your "players near you" screen so you can see players in range so you can be aware of any trolls and watch your mini map aka hud. 3. ADMINS do not show up on the TAB "players near you" list so watch the mini map for a dot. 4. give room for braking distance and turning room at all intersections. 5. Make sure you are not within 20-40 feet space from entrances so players entering or leaving a "NO COLLISION ZONE=NCZ" will not collide with you. Even if your in the NCZ the player inside you will become collision so they will become damaged because you or them are not utilizing spacial awareness. 6. when there are multiple players at a docking area make sure that if your entering the area from the street look for players that are being quick for the exit (they are probably not looking for trucks entering, spacial awareness) even though the docking area is NCZ there are a few areas sometimes glitched that may not function properly (look in the top right corner for if it says NO COLLISION ZONE ) since a dock is NCZ multiple trucks will be trying to park in the same space so use a external camera unless you like to be realistic. and once you have parked the trailer get out of the space so other players can park in it. 7. Try to not sit in Rotterdam or EP= Europort= the sea port that is from rotterdam (refer to ets2mp in game rules) 8. check blind spot there are cars in multiplayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP-NIUL6LzY
  5. Please make sure to understand and follow the truckersmp guidelines https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/15-in-game-rules-en-13-09-2016/ if you want to feel free to use the HST truck pack available on my profile also in modifications. DO not be a complete troll or do anything to give this group a bad name. ALSO! on gtav your an officer or whatever role you want but on truckersmp your are NOT an officer so try not to act as police or block any roads. If you flip your truck or become heavily damaged that can make you immobile on a road immediatly hit F7 + ENTER. If you want to actually speak to me (J. Hall, Fuso/ Derpy) on the teamspeak. Happy trucking