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  1. Every time I go to sandy

    Tried reinstalling your FiveM?
  2. Every time I go to sandy

    Think it's due to the new buildings try turning off TXAA or FXAA.
  3. Loading stuck

    Maybe someone took your spot when you tried to join and your game got stuck, or maybe try reinstalling FiveM. Not sure what to suggest to be honest.
  4. F1 to open trainer not working

    F1 Is the button to open lambda menu. If that doesn't work try reinstalling the menu.
  5. Thanks for the advice and support I fixed the issue.
  6. Ok so this issue just started the other day so when I load in my character is flying around ragdolling and I can't control it any idea's why?
  7. Cara not spawning

  8. Zlib error, And Armored vehicle error

    Not sure what to suggest I know there is a handling script in game what makes the cars seem more realistic not sure if that's the issue.
  9. Zlib error, And Armored vehicle error

    Hmm interesting, I would suggest maybe uninstalling and reinstalling your FiveM to see if that fixes the issue.
  10. how do i become a m1 member

    SMRE won't drop CR-CU's if your in a RP, but if members are trying to get in CR-CU's will get dropped unfortunately.
  11. how do i become a m1 member

    You can use the menu's such as Lambda menu and simple native trainer and also ambiance menu for emotes.
  12. how do i become a m1 member

    Membership rank 1 is gained by joining a department such as police, fire, EMS and also civ, after you reach 25 hours without any server infractions you can apply for the previously stated roles. You can check your rank and hours by doing /myinfo
  13. Auto-Complete - Fast /me Commands

    Not sure best bet is to ask John ONeil.
  14. FiveM Freezing

    It may be due to a full hard drive or slow connection trying to download the assets when loading in. Are you able to join other servers?
  15. Map problem ?

    I believe it is server side disabled for CR-CU members to prevent metagaming and powergaming not too sure though.