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  1. Not sure what to suggest but have you enabled number lock on your number pad?
  2. In-Character Full name: ( Josh Gordon ) Date of Birth: ( 17/04/1997) Place of Birth: ( San Andreas ) Current Address: ( 217 Forum Drive , Los Santos ) Role You Wish To Play & Why: I wish to be a employee of Public works because I believe in keeping the streets safe and ensuring safety to the public, I believe that safety is top priority I'm a good role player and follow or rules I'm also a very friendly person who helps anyone who is stuck. Out-Of-Character: Age:(20) Do you have any real life DOT &/ or Public Works experience? No I do not. How did you find out about us?:I first found out about HSG through browsing the server list and have played everyday since. Why should we let you into our community?: Currently M3 I bring awesome RP to the server and make sure I'm always following the rules stated I have respect for my superiors and not engage disputes in the server, I'm a very friendly person who cares and is respectful of people no matter the differences. I'm not a rule breaker If I ever mess up I will correct my mistake and never do anything to make someone upset I play HSG everyday and care a lot about HSG. What can you bring to this community that is beneficial?:I bring awesome RP scenarios and don't do the usual shootouts and pursuits calls I try to be creative with my RP I'm a good listener and rule follower I very rarely break a rule and if I ever have I don't lie about it I try to correct my mistake and say sorry to anyone involved I have had no runs in with admins for a few months, I try to be a friendly helpful person at all times I respect people's wishes and don't offend them. Do you have 30 hrs In-game? Currently M3 Thanks hope to get accepted.
  3. I agree what with alex cortez said reason I asked cause It was bothering me that it would effect my trooper training that's why I asked can it be removed and I disagree I was not trying to argue or create issues I just wanted to say that I had no intention of RDM or cop baiting.
  4. The rule broken part i dont think its admin abuse just didnt realise the full story he did the right thing just he didnt know.
  5. Im sorry guys and the admin my intentions were good but it was a stupid RP thought i never cop bait or RDM i just wasent thinking what i was doing.
  6. My plan was to like get the cops attetion i had no intention of cop baiting just wanted them to notice me since im on a roof pretty hard to see after that i wanted to do a shootout then get killed or jump off the building since nothing was happening and the cops were bored i had no intention of just randomly killing someone im not saying alex did the wrong thing i just thought he should off investigated further without jumping to conclusions.
  7. Ok guys im sorry my fault i just wanted to create a RP for the cops i didnt have any intention of breaking any rule
  8. I'm not trying to cause any issues here nor am I disrespecting the admin I just felt I should say something.
  9. Reporting Name: Alex Cortez (admin) Time: Around 21:00hrs Other players name: Rule broken: admin abuse Recollection of events: I was playing as CIV standing on top of the bank in vinewood planning to do a different kind of RP I wanted to fire a couple of shots down into the street a cop rolled pass I had no intention of killing him I just wanted to shoot his car to draw his attention but due to the bug of getting critical injured he fell out next thing Alex cortez rolled up I heard him sat who was it then some other CIV said it was me next thing I get a inferaction against me for RDM I pm him and asked what for he said I RDM the officer I said no I was trying to create a RP he said don't argue I asked him if the warning can be removed he said no then I said I'm a trooper in training I wouldn't do anything stupid to get banned then he said consider this a warning is there anyway this can be removed? hope this gets looked into thanks Officerofthelaw22 Proof and/or other comments: