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  1. Romaine's datafiles should fix the issue. The lights are working completely fine for me.
  2. We tried it. Instant texture loss and memory errors as soon as you try to spawn them. That's the reason why we currently stick to IV/V vehicles and only realistic emergency vehicles.
  3. Your unban appeal has been denied for following reason(s): - 4th ban, you obviously do not learn at all. __________________________________________________ 01.27.17E.James
  4. Ban will be lifted on the next server restart.
  5. Your unban appeal has been denied for following reason(s): - Did not follow given format/template 1/3/16 E. James
  6. n/a

    You shot me. I was about to move people to the RPZone and got up on a ad banner where nobody could interrupt me and you randomly shot me. Also don't tell me there were explosions going on in that area because at that time I have switched the RPZone and literally nothing was going on. This was a clear case of RDM my friend and granted that me and other admins kicked you before and gave you multiple warnings the best decision for now would be to permanently ban you, because we want to assure a good experience for the people playing and you certainly are not fitting in that matter. If you're looking for a server where you can fuck around and randomly shoot people and don't RP at all, please consider joining a freeroam server. - Lead Civilian E. James // AlanFisting
  7. We don't have any evidence that it actually was your brother so this seems like the only way to prove us you haven't been on the computer at that time. Your maturity though on the reply proves the opposite and shows us that it was just a lazy excuse. Your ban therefore cannot be lifted.
  8. That would be perfect
  9. At this point we doubt that we are able to add any modded civilian cars. We tried to in the past but players experienced texture loss due to the memory being incapacitated. Others experienced crashes. We have an Oldsmobile Cutlass and an 87 Caprice but they have a very low poly count therefore less likely to cause memory issues or crashes.
  10. Wouldn't that basically make so many scenarios invalid? I don't think playing as only one character is even worth it yet because we're only limited to a certain amount of players in one game. We would simply kill the diversity. I'd love a SA:MP like character system but we would have to have a waaay bigger community and server for that. Don't forget about all the scripting that has to be done and so on.. But yeah some time in the future we might won't have any other choice than sticking to one character. I'm very optimistic about the community and I think we're about to grow very big. And when we've reached that point, choosing multiple characters do to many scenarios would just be too much to handle.
  11. Wouldn't make sense with the multiple characters we're playing as. imagine you're role-playing as someone else and paying for priors even though you technically haven't done anything. It's one of the flaws with the warrant system at the moment too (or at least people using it incorrectly).
  12. We could discuss with the other civilians in the community and actually plan a very big RP. I've got some scenarios in my mind I never was able to do because there weren't many civilians in the community at the time. Now though we hopefully can create some big RP's which would entertain everybody. But yeah just hit me up on teamspeak later today so we can discuss about it.