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  2. Del Perro Patrol

    Just a Del Perro Patrol on a Beautiful day on San Andreas State!
  3. BCSO Patrol

    I use Make visuals great again *
  4. Parachuting

  5. BCSO Patrol

  6. PBPD FIVEM3.jpg

  7. Hours back

    Hey guys, When the server restarted i was with 101Hours in game, after the Restart i joined at server and took a look in my information and i was with 0 Hours and rank CR. I Remember that i request my rank again and take my M1 rank back, but my hours i didn't requested. So i have a older screenshot about my hours and i would like to get my hours back as soon as possible. At this time i talked with Granger, Anderson, and Fuso, and A2 Admin told me that is needed to create a topic in forums about my problem. So now look bellow the screenshot about my hours, at this moment i appreciate your help and i hope that problem be resolved as soon as possible! Regards, Leonard Ivamoto
  8. Helpful Link for Police Officers!!!

    Thanks for this ;)