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  1. I cant join on server

    If you've been in the loading screen longer than 5-10 minutes. Close FiveM and try again. If you're still having issues then try the support section of the discord.
  2. I cant join on server

    Are you getting any message in specific when you try to join? Such as something along the lines of it being locked to CU, M1, etc? Or is it loading as normal and then you get a black screen with some writing at the bottom? If the last one is the case, it means you and someone else tried to join and they got in first. If it's locked to a member rank it means you won't be able to join until it's CR, unless of course, you have the rank it is locked to. If none of these help you send us a screen shot of what's happening.
  3. Tutorial | Custom Sirens

    Alright this is going to involve a couple of programs and a familiarity with modding GTA V. That being said you're going to need the following programs OpenIV - So as to view and modify files otherwise unreachable ArchiveFix ArchiveFix - Encrypts your sound files to the same level GTA V finds acceptable Custom Siren Tones FSSS Siren Pack - Duh(You don't have to use FSSS, will work with any vehicles.oac file) Command Prompt - In order to use your ArchiveFix you will need to know how to open your command prompt STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS 1 ) Using OpenIV you will navigate to x64/audio/sfx/RESIDENT.rpf 2) Place ArchiveFix into the same folder as your Custom Sirens (Meaning where the vehicles.oac is located) 3) Copy the folder address with ArchiveFix in it (i.e. E:\Users\NAME\Desktop\Vehicles or whatever yours may be called) 4) Open GTA V (GTA V MUST BE OPEN FOR STEP 5 TO WORK) 5) Open your Command prompt and type "cd E:\Users\NAME\Desktop\Vehicles" then type "archivefix fetch" (this is needed after one of the windows creator updates unless you wanna edit your registry like I did) Once you type "archivefix fetch" with GTA V open, the program is going to run through your files and obtain the encryption information it needs and create .dat files in your folder. Let it finish before you do anything more and then close GTA V. You should have 6 .dat files in total by the end of the process. 6) Go back into OpenIV under x64/audio/sfx/RESIDENT.rpf and click EDIT MODE at the top(Do not do this in a mods folder) 7) Drag and drop your vehicles.oac into the vehicles.awc (Do not edit in a mods folder after this you are done in OpenIV) 8) In Windows File Explorer open your x64/audio/sfx/ and find RESIDENT.rpf 8) Drag and drop your RESIDENT.rpf file into ArchiveFix (It will bring up a CMD prompt with a silly message and your done) If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you are free to ask me about them. I also encourage you to watch this 10 minute video if after following those 8 steps you are unable to figure it out also view this thread under "Sound modifying". I am also aware that there are instructions here but they are outdated and do not go through the entire process for making them work on FiveM
  4. Data Loss Victim