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  1. +1 Fast Learner and great ride-along'er
  2. Huh weird, my best idea is that you might have the "Engine Always On" option activated in your trainer. If it is on, go ahead and turn that off and try again.
  3. Oh wow, didn't know that. Good to know!
  4. /g - Global Chat* :) Also yes, doing "/help" in chat will bring up a useful menu. To Gas Up Vehicles: 1) While in vehicle next to pump, do /eng to turn off engine. 2) Exit and face vehicle, do /fillup to start filling up vehicle. 3) Follow On Screen Instructions (Bottom Left) To Chat: 1) To write to "global chat", do [t] /g [msg] [enter] 2) To write to "nearby players", do [t] [msg] [enter] Using Voice Chat: 1) Hold down 'N' to start Push-To-Talk 2) Release 'N' to end Push-To-Talk ['N' is the default button, can be changed in "In Game" settings.] Hope To See You In The Server! - SCUfan117
  5. Hello Hydraa, There really is no set time when the server resets but it is normally when the user ID count gets above 800. If you press 'X' while in the server, it will bring up the player list and show a user ID to the left of their name. It also may reset if many players are experiencing texture loss in game. - SCUfan117
  6. TheHurk's CHP pack would be an AWESOME addition to the server! Along with a CHP siren! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCdBtTEahHM
  7. I went online to server 3 today at around 6:30 and saw that I couldn't go on duty as police (/job police). I looked at /myinfo and saw I was reset to CR from CU, my hours had been reset, and my money had been wiped. I know this is a common issue right now. Hopefully it gets fixed soon! Thanks! - SCUfan117 (CU)