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  1. AH, ok scrap that then :)
  2. I was trying to attach an object to my trailer to rp a "big move" but because the tractor and trailer are spawned as two vehicles it wouldn't work properly and the object would only follow the tractor not sit on the trailer.. Perhaps there is a way to make an option to spawn the whole lot as one vehicle :)
  3. So this was just a thought I had as its election time here in the UK. I thought something similar might be interesting with in RP. Or,,,,, it might be crap! Mayoral elections - Perhaps 1 mayor for Blaine County and 1 mayor for rest of Los Santos City area. Anyone with CU or above can stand for election to be the mayor in their chosen area and should take it seriously and have some real RP campaign structure. Potential candidates can post their "manifesto" on HSG forums and voting could also be done via HSG forums, with election campaigns in RP. Winning Candidate can then, when they wish to, RP as mayor of that area when in a server. Perhaps the mayor has some control over some laws, police powers (increase or reduce), could employ body guards, have access to a private jet etc, perhaps there could be a unique job created that they can go on duty as so they can receive an income relevant to that role. I can't stand as mayor as I am not CU. In case people think I am only suggesting this so I can be mayor. :) This might be crap RP, might be fun. But I thought I would share my idea.
  4. last week was terrible as it was half term(school break0 in the UK so many kids on in the mornings GMT all wetting themselves when they get in the server and can draw any weapon and spawn almost any car. but they don't know what RP means :(
  5. Does the /report function still work and send a report even if there are no admin on at that particular time?