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  1. this would be amazing
  2. sorry i didnt notice till i watched again by than foot in mouth :x. Have a good one!
  3. Question how are you doing 130 in a crown vic Both the vic and charger only go like 108 mph for me.. Nvm i noticed it wasnt mph.
  4. Some great ideas +1
  5. +1 this is a cool idea!!
  6. Hey guys, 

    Havent been on the server much lately! My Lady Finally gave birth to a handsome lil man, So trying to figure out routine again. Anyway Looking forward to getting back on soon!! 

    Stay Safe out there, 

    Trooper Wayne 

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    2. M.Wayne


      Thanks granger!! 

    3. Prospect


      Congratulation's Man! 

    4. Cozz


      congrats !!!!!!

  7. +1
  8. Simple solution, use your imagination. Do cops in real life like getting shot at? Your best option is to just learn from your mistake, and if ya wanna rp be clever think of real world situations. RP CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT. But randomly shooting at police is not RP, create a story create a Character. Live his life and rp will find you my friend. Ive seen ya on the force a few times and think your a good LEO. Just take the warning and learn from it! Best of luck! Trooper Wayne
  9. Np gl in your endevors! @RaymondSorry bout the double post, was writing up my post while you posted, didnt see it untill after i posted.
  10. You best bet is talking to an admin A3 in game. Keep up good rp and your bound to get it with out having to ask!! Gl Hope to see ya on the server Trooper Wayne.
  11. To clearify the channel name is actually "Tags Channel | Teamspeak" located right under the "Welcome" channel.
  12. No problem if ya have any other questions dont be afraid to ask!
  13. Connect to the need tags channel some one will grant you premission to enter channels. Best of luck, Trooper Wayne
  14. Make sure you have the required files for HSG you can find them here, hopfully this helps!
  15. This is an amazing post, any new guys who are unsure of how things work this is a must read!! This should really help alot of newer officers learn some of the basics. I Will def. Be showing this to all the new officers i come across strugling. 1+ fantastic job!! Trooper Wayne