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  1. This is great!!
  2. Thank you walker! Its appreciated.
  3. i think its ridiculous no one has even answered this post.
  4. this would be amazing
  5. I guess close topic if no one can do a name change.
  6. Welcome bud!! Goodluck hope to see ya around
  7. Bump... its been a few days.
  8. I would like to change my forum name to M.Wayne. Thank you in advanced.
  9. Eyyyyyyy
  10. Hey any way i can get a member tag on the forum. Been a member for a while. Thanks, if this is in the wrong place sorry.
  11. Welvome to hsg looking forward to seeing you around!!
  12. +1 for Tobi Great guy, Great Trooper a pleasure to work with!
  13. @Alter481 after seeing other opinions yes more people who can promote doesnt seam like a good change, But i think what @SmokinMonk said about having an application for a review would be great. This would def help others trying to move up in rank achive that better instead of having to be on while Major or First Sergent is online doing promotions. Thanks for clearing that up a bit monk. As for the hostage thing everytime i get on its a hostage sitution which almost always is at least an 1hr of all cops being tied up. I feel like its almost one of those situtions that maybe you should have to get permisson from an admin to do.
  14. Some great ideas +1
  15. +1 this is a cool idea!!