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  1. Didn't take it that way bud. All good here
  2. We've got 1 man doing all of our scripts at the moment so it will take some time.
  3. It's not fully whitelisted, it's letting known players on the server. Such as Authorization level CU players. Which I am about to lift the restriction.
  5. Post below what permissions you need on teamspeak.
  6. Here we go again, explosive ammo is restricted to staff already. People are already kicked for it automatically by our system. It just doesn't tell anyone but staff in game about it. Also, we are doing everything we can to make this community stay open to the public so of course we have trolls. No Clip is very important for good civilians to set up good RP's.
  7. thats too fokin fast
  8. corruption

    Carson, I have always been cool with you. But saying Romaine doesn't do shit, makes you sound like a fucking idiot. I have no problems with you but that is fucking ridiculous. Romaine has taken money out of his own pocket to pay for the server almost all the time. So don't pull that shit on him.
  9. http://highspeed-gaming.com/Forum/index.php?/topic/6-sound-modding-fivereborn/#comment-2673
  10. Nobody screwed up the chargers, they were just changed around a bit.
  11. Found the issue. 1. Download the Carvariations.meta in Emergency 1 (Server 1 Comms) 2. Install it in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpchristmas2\dlc.rpf\common\data (MAKE SURE YOU BACK IT UP) 3. Run your game and test it with the cars you had issues with in the first place. Let me know if it worked.
  12. I actually have the same issue, now that I think of it. I'll definitely do some research and see if I can route the issue and find a fix for it. I'll let you know what I come up with.
  13. Try installing this, it may help.
  14. Also a side note, the server owner kicked you for that vehicle, not me.