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Alex Cortez

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  1. Better late than never, I'm trying to build my way back up to A3.
  2. No.
  3. I fail to understand why people don't actually set up role-play's. They just drive around baiting the cops and crash into stuff, then complain when they get warned, kicked, or even banned. Since you are a member, I'd recommend playing on server 1 as it is suppose to be CU most of the time. That way, you can avoid the scrubs driving around on ATV's just being idiots.
  4. So many sloths.
  5. Pew

    We have it setup the way we prefer it. If we were to announce when the server authorization level was CR, all of the trolls would flock to the servers.
  6. A2 Admins are now able to give people CU, you may want to update that. Great job on this by the way!
  7. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. You got banned by a server director, who has had issues with you in the past. I was going to temp-ban you but I noticed that you haven't learned your lesson from the 3 other bans you have on your record. We have had SOOO many reports on you recently; primarily for disrespect/abuse of other players. You make yourself sound so holier-than-thou it's unbelievable, you were banned for legitimate reasons, no one is targeting or trying to come after you. As I have said to other people, a lot of users have been banned for a lot less. I don't think anyone thinks you are a troll, I don't even consider you a troll, I think everyone is just sick of your attitude. Also, I just noticed you have blips/names on, so we can add that to the list of reasons you have been removed.
  9. I can only imagine what the server would be like if we let everyone use the military vehicles.
  10. This is called a "Ban Appeal" for a reason, last time I checked you weren't banned. Warnings will not be removed, unless you have definitive proof that it was given wrongly, which you don't.
  11. Do not bother with a ban appeal. You have 18 kicks on your record, 4-5 Temporary Bans, an uncountable amount of warnings. I would've considered you properly warned with that record of yours. Today when you refused to go off duty after your CU was revoked (because of your record), that was the final straw. You have proved time and time again that you do not care about our server rules. Trust me, a lot of people have been banned for having a lot less on their record. I also explained to your friend why you were banned when he asked. Nevertheless, having the record of server violations that you have and not seeing any improvement after that amount of time, we made the decision to remove you from our community. Your ban will not be lifted.
  12. I may or may not have read this part.
  13. /addedv