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  1. need help becoming CU played for 30+hours

    You have sent 2 PM's to a server director, 2 posts on a status update and now a post? Have some patience.
  2. Updated all of the website group icons, hope you guys like them. :D

  3. HighSpeed-Gaming SMRE Roster | 2017

    Updated. 7-29
  4. GTA 5 Redux

  5. Pursuit Guidelines/Rules!

    More cops need to realize this, can't tell you how often I am on admin duty and see 9 cops in a pursuit and all of them fly through the intersection without clearing it.
  6. WTF?

  7. Gotta love how people think the admins are the bad guys, after we protect the players from the children that are trying to mess with them.

  8. FiveM (GTA5) Keeps crashing? HELP!

  9. Tutorial | Custom Sirens

  10. —————————————————— « • » —————————————————— SERVER MANAGEMENT & REGULATION ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL ROSTER Server Directors | DR R. Brooks BxBugs123 Lead Admins | A3 PoliceWag Lt. J. Daniel M. Wolf (MAGWolf) Jack Hammons (Pole_Ice) Faith Yokas (Junkozane) Senior Admins | A2 L. Shepard (mikichii) A. Bloom (djshadowxm81) C. Relakai J. Hall (Fuso) A. Patel (Lazy Sloth) M. Anderson Admins | A1 L. Calaway (LWDCRAZYMAN) BOSCO B. Brown (iPayforyourEBT) M.Clarkson (Prospect) Raymond Reddington General Staff | GS Netman Blazie Jay Ross John Granger Raj Patel Lincoln Clay B. Dent MAG
  11. weapons removal