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Alex Cortez

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  1. Wow you put a lot of effort into this, I'm impressed.
    Good job son.
  2. You lied to B. Dent about the events leading up to your report about Mushmouth. We contacted him and he showed us proof on his livestream that what you said was completely incorrect. Create a proper ban appeal if you want us to look into getting you unbanned.
  3. Download this https://www.teamspeak.com/teamspeak3 and enter the IP address.
  4. Topic locked as the issue has been resolved.
  5. Your ban will be lifted next server restart. If you are banned again it will be permanent. Topic Locked.
  6. Topic Locked; Issue has been resolved.
  7. No problem at all man, it's what we are here for. :) Topic Locked.
  8. Topic Locked.
  9. You could also try deleting all the "rpf_..." files as a last resort, but that might spark another list of errors. So I would suggest just keep trying.
  10. Just keep trying, really the only fix for it.
  11. I was the admin who banned you, I got tons of complaints on you and had to come on the server to remove you. You didn't get banned for speeding; no one gets banned for that. You kept smashing into people, interfering with on-going RP's. You go away with it for a lot longer than you should've. It's an RP server, not a freeroam "fuck around" server. If you don't abide by the server rules this time, your ban will be permanent. GTA Online is a great place to go if you want to just smash into people and fuck around.
  12. fxxk.jpg

  13. bmw.jpg

  14. lambo backfire.jpg