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  1. Everyone,

    As of now, we are no longer enforcing the "Firstname_Lastname" rule on players. We appreciate those who have realistic names and encourage you to keep them. However, it is no longer required by rules. Thank you!

    1. m9Networks


      Anyone who has a problem with a rule like this has a problem with Roleplay. Well done those few members who bitched about this so much that it got removed, you are the reason for cancer in the server. 

  2. Auto-Complete - Fast /me Commands

    I'm sorry, I do not know anything about it.
  3. FiveM Server Rules GENERAL GAMEPLAY ➣ Metagaming is strictly prohibited.* ➣ Power-gaming is strictly prohibited.* ➣ Deathmatching is strictly prohibited.* ➣ Cop-baiting is strictly prohibited.* ➣ Trolling is strictly prohibited.* ➣ Revenge Killing is strictly prohibited.* ➣ Each player is to have a maximum of two (2) characters maximum per role-play zone.* ➣ All players are expected to have a name in the format of “Firstname_Lastname” and nothing more. Optional ➣ Failure to role-play brandishing large, two-handed weapons is strictly prohibited, unless the player is standing near a vehicle and is in the heat of roleplay.* ➣ While we do have players from across the globe, some basic understanding of English is required. ➣ In order to play as LE or FF/EMT, players must be at least the server rank of Casual Unrestricted (CU) unless otherwise permitted by the respective department heads or an administrator. ➣ Generally unrealistic behavior is strictly prohibited – use of common sense is encouraged.* ➣ RP scenarios and personas should be realistic and reflective of the RP area.* ➣ Players are expected to be in-character at all times, unless otherwise stated by an administrator. ➣ Use of any trainers, mod menus, etc. in a way that gives you an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited. ➣ The spamming of voice chat, text chat or any in-game entities or assets is strictly prohibited. ➣ Playing any role that can facilitate deathmatching is strictly prohibited, unless authorized by an administrator.* ➣ Attempting to access to restricted areas within the server, such as the AFB Zancudo, is strictly prohibited. ➣ Failure to role-play fear of death is strictly prohibited, unless there is a reasonable and articulable reason not to.* ➣ Exiting the server to avoid role-play or administrators is strictly prohibited. ➣ Distributing any content on and from any of our servers is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. ➣ Unless all parties agree to it prior to initiating the role-play, role-play involving sexual harassment, sexual assault, molestation, or the likes are strictly prohibited for quite obvious reasons. ➣ Abuse of the job system to facilitate the roles in which you wish to play is strictly prohibited, unless admin permission is explicitly expressed. ➣ All players are expected to be respectful out of character (ooc) to administrators and other players alike. Failure to do so will result in reprimand ➣ Returning to the scene of a role-play after death or arrest is strictly prohibited. Player must wait for the RP to finish before returning to the area, even if it is to "get your car" or something of the likes. VEHICLE RULES ➣ The use of Torque Multipliers, Power Multipliers, or any other scripts or menu functions that would cause your vehicle to move, stop or turn at a faster pace is strictly prohibited. ➣ Using a vehicle in order to bait law enforcement officers to chase you is strictly prohibited, unless there is further realistic role-play behind it. ➣ Failure to role-play any sort of crash that you would not necessarily be able to walk away from in reality is strictly prohibited.* ➣ Firing a weapon from a vehicle without a specific role-play reason to do so is strictly prohibited. ➣ Using a vehicle originally intended for emergency services or government entities for civilian role-play is strictly prohibited, unless permitted by an administrator for that game session only. ➣ While racing is not against the rules, constantly racing and doing so in ways deemed unrealistic may very well lead to punishment. ➣ Use of ridiculous custom horns is strictly prohibited. ➣ Flying any sort of aircraft without the explicit permission of an administrator is strictly prohibited.* ➣ Use of the train, unless otherwise stated by an administrator, is strictly prohibited. OBJECT RULES ➣ Spawning of objects into the world without the explicit permission of an administrator is strictly prohibited. TS3 ➣ TS3 attendance is required for all emergency services players. ➣ Ensure that your TS3 and in-game names match and that you are in the correct TS3 channel. ➣ When role-playing as LE or FD/EMS, ensure that your callsign is appended to your TS3 name. ➣ Usage of TeamSpeak or any other voice and/or chat service to communicate with other players inside of the server without any sort of role-play regarding the contact is strictly prohibited.* * Generally, metagaming is using out-of-character information as in-character that you would not otherwise know. An example of this is using /g to get people to role-play with you at a specific location, or using your trainer to set a GPS waypoint to another player. This also includes using a player’s livestream and giving people information about a situation for them to use in-character after you’ve died. * Power-gaming is when you force a role-play to go in the direction that you’d prefer it to go, setting aside factors such as another person’s interference. An example of this would be stating that you took a police officer’s service weapon when, realistically, the cop would be able to counter such an act if feasible. * Deathmatching is when a player attacks another player for no specific role-play reason, or without any prior role-play with said other player to initiate the fact that there may be an altercation, thus giving fair warning of possible role-play to come. An example of this is when you get into a car accident. Road-rage indicates that violence is okay to occur. However, seeing a person standing on the street and attacking them with no prior RP contact because you “felt like it” is what deathmatch is. * Cop-baiting is when a player goes out of their way to make the cops interact with or chase them, typically the latter. Doing so is a violation of our rules, unless you are creating an entire RP scene out of it. An example is calling the police as someone who is not your character. There are quite a few exceptions to this rule. If you need further clarification, please consult an administrator or staff member. * Trolling is acting in a way that common sense dictates would bother, or irritate another person, usually done as a joke but is often malicious in nature. You are encouraged to stay within your character at all times. Failure to do so may result in reprimand. * Revenge killing is returning to a scene after death in order to enact your revenge, or just generally searching for the person that killed you in order to return the favor. Such an act is against the rules. Those who violate it will face reprimand. All players are to follow the "new life rule," where as you forget the thirty minutes, or entire incident, leading up to your death. This is otherwise known as a semi-character kill. * The reason for the maximum of two characters is that players often get into altercations with other players, then change their role shortly after. Once the other player finds them, they usually try to interact with them, thinking that they are still the same character. Not to mention the fact that too many characters is just extremely hard to keep up with. You also have the option to kill one character off, thus eliminating one of the characters out of two, and create a new one, thus giving you the opportunity to continue rotating new characters in and out. Please note, this is per role-play zone and does not include those who play as emergency services. You can, in those roles, essentially have three characters total. * While players are not required to role-play pulling out small arms, the use of any weapons requiring two hands to hold requires role-play of both picking up and putting down the weapon. Also, there must me a location nearby that you can pull it from. For instance, the inside of a house or beneath a counter. As of now, players exiting a vehicle in the heat of role-play can pull large weapons, though it is strongly encourage there is some sort of role-play there as well, even if it is short. Police Officers have weapon racks inside of their vehicles, so it makes sense where they are pulling it from while in patrol vehicles. Players should still role-play pulling guns from beneath seats, trunks, etc.. * Acting in a way that you would not see in reality is not only frowned upon, but is against our server rules. We encourage all players to act as they would in real life in a variety of situations. * As of now, since players have the ability to create characters based on the area set as the role-play zone, we strictly enforce that whatever role you are playing is realistic to the role-play zone. A poor example of this is role-playing a billionaire while driving around Sandy Shores in expensive vehicles. Considering that Sandy Shores is a desert town occupied mostly by run-down structures and mobile homes, it is unrealistic to portray such a role and players are encouraged to play the role of a local. * Here at HighSpeed-Gaming, you can truly become whosoever you would like to be, within reason. However, playing roles that facilitate deathmatching is not only frowned upon, but against our server rules. Roles such as Military, Private Military, Hitman, Serial Killer, etc. must be approved by an administrator before-hand. Otherwise, the player may face punishment. * It is necessary for all players to somewhat role-play valuing their life. An instant of this is a player being robbed by two other players at gun point. A majority of the time, a person would comply with the gunman's orders in order to try and get out of the situation alive. While this varies on a case-by-case basis, players are encouraged to use common sense and act as they would in reality if they were to have weapons aimed at them, or if they were put into a situation where they may lose their life. Also, players are to look for a way out of the situation, when feasible, such as the attacker turning their back or not paying direct attention. Failure to do so may result in reprimand. Police Officers, due to their training, may be exempt from this rule, given that there is sufficient role-play. * An example of abusing the job system is, for instance, role-playing a mob doctor, but being on duty as EMS without explicit permission from an administrator. Another relevant example of this would be acting as a bounty hunter while on duty as a police officer. Failure to abide by this will result in reprimand. * With this being a role-play server, you are expected to role-play things that can sometimes be very tedious, especially when behind the wheel. An example of this is role-play a vehicle accident. It is against the server rules to be involved in a car accident that would total a car or cause injury in realty and not role-play it. You are expected to role-play any crashes that fit said description. Failure to do so will result in reprimand. * In order to gain administrative permission to fly an aircraft, you must first have a valid RP reason to do so. Wanting to just “fly around and enjoy the sights” may not be considered an entirely valid role-play. You are expected to fly planes realistic to the role-play zone and at realistic altitudes, or face reprimand. Please note, players with the server rank of Member III (M3) and above are exempt from this rule and can fly whenever they see fit, but could be grounded by an administrator at a moments notice. Players with the aviation tag may also fly when permitted by supervisors, or based on set guidelines. All players are not permitted to role-play any sort of plane accident or crash without explicit administrative permissions. * An example of using a voice client to metagame while in the server is if you and a friend are in a Discord chat together. Your friend is getting arrested and he tells you exactly where he is and directs you to come save him. You do so, without any in-character knowledge of both their location and the fact that they’re being arrested, which is against the rules, categorized under metagaming. It is required that you, in the least, role-play using a radio or texting on your phone before portraying said information. Failure to do so may result in reprimand. Please note that there are no set punishments for any of these violations. This lies with the administrator who witnessed the rule being violated or the administrator who is handling the report overall. If you feel you are wrongly punished for any of the reprimands received as a result of violating any of these rules, simply report the administrator via the forums and the next highest administrator will help to facilitate and sort the issue. Please, be prepared to provide proof. ** By joining the HighSpeed-Gaming Server, you are agreeing to abide by the rules listed above. Failure to do so will result in reprimand ** ** These rules may be edited at any time for any reason without complete and fair warning. Remember to check this thread often **
  4. Auto-Complete - Fast /me Commands

    I have these as well, though I use a Razer Keyboard and mouse, so I use Razer Synapse. It's much more simple and doesn't require coding.
  5. So, who is down for a community meeting? I was thinking Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at approximately 1200 PST. What are your thoughts? I'd like to know before I make an official post.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. A. Rivers

      A. Rivers

      Sounds good, I like the idea.

    3. J.Boudreaux
    4. Wolf Senpai

      Wolf Senpai

      20:00pm BST sounds good to me, expect me there ^.^

    1. Pole_Ice


      I would like also to apologize for the before mentioned. Some issues have arise with the FD sometimes not taking RP into priority and this may be from newer members sometimes not knowing that it would be best to Prioritize an RP over a Scripted fire.

    2. Prospect
  6. Dear all,

    I'd like to take a moment and thank @Jay Walker and @Junkozane for doing so much to maintain the server when our script was completely failing after the move over to the new server client. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and you will be rewarded for these actions!

    There were quite a few other admins who are worth mention such as @Jay Davidson , @W. Mark (MAGWolf). I appreciate each and every one of you. @Prospect and @Sithis and @Bxbugs123 has put in a great amount of work and has worked tirelessly in order to fix the server and it is almost restored to its former glory. As for the rest of the staff team, I appreciate all of your efforts! Keep up the incredible work!

    Romaine Brooks
    Server Director, HighSpeed-Gaming

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. D. Genovese
    3. Junkozane


      Thank you very much ^-^

    4. Romaine Brooks

      Romaine Brooks

      @D. Genovese I was unaware of that. Nevertheless, I did make a point to thank all staff members for doing what they do.

  7. chat not working in server

  8. This is messed up...

  9. This is messed up...

    I have increased your hours and given you some money to play with. Or, atleast, I have attempted. Please, join a server and check.
  10. This is messed up...

    Because you are not the only person who has ever had the name "Bush". Are you on the server right now?
  11. This is messed up...

    Did you ever join the server as "FCB?" Or, has it always been bush?
  12. This is messed up...

    So, we're having issues with the database to the point that even if I did put your hours back, they wouldn't stick. I'll see what I can do. How many hours do you think you had? @Bush