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  1. Alt F10 Menu

    goto your fivem application data folder and open CitizenFX.ini if you see this line : DisableNVSP=0 then delete it. be warned if you do nvidia shadow play won't work
  2. guess whos back

    cousin frank says hi
  3. Alt+Tab error

    trial and error lol soz dont know
  4. Alt+Tab error

  5. lol jumped shit i'm cr again was M1 civ but i see theres others in the same boat, hopefully an admin or staff will look at this, thanking you in advance.
  6. "Couldn't load resource HSG-RP. :("

    up and working for myself thanks all
  7. "Couldn't load resource HSG-RP. :("

    i have been getting this error all day, i have just done a re install of fivem and still same problem? can any one help? currrent at the time of this post. will edit it when fixed hopefully