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  1. As some members have noted above, maturity is a big thing. This is a community dedicated and focussed on mature and well-thought-out roleplay. There is a strong correlation between age and maturity, wherein as age increases, the more mature one is likely to become (due to many different biological and psychological factors I won't get into here). If you are under the age of 17 and reading this and you want to be a member, I suggest that your roleplay conduct be beyond reproach and excellent, however, it is entirely up to the Server Directorate. Oftentimes, those who are under the age of 17 are unaware of the boundaries and take things too far, both in-RP and out of RP. To be a member, you need to be cognizant of the boundaries and rules, in addition to being aware of what is somewhat realistic and what is not; an astute roleplayer.
  2. I wish you the best for what the future may hold for you! Hope to see you in the future.
  3. Backup TS server: TS appears to be down at this stage.
  4. Request granted and topic is now locked.
  5. TOPIC LOCKED The matter has been discussed with the individual in question and has been resolved.
  7. Hi, Thank you for posting this. Numerous people involved with sending the links have been penalized. Please contact an administrator on TeamSpeak (if any are available) to voice your concern and to report. WARNING: DO NOT POKE PEOPLE IN TEAMSPEAK OR SEND MESSAGES TO PEOPLE CONTAINING RANDOM LINKS OR YOU SHALL BE EITHER KICKED OR BANNED. THIS IS A SECURITY ISSUE AND NOT A JOKE.
  8. server

    Servers will be unrestricted when an A3 Administrator decides to unlock it. It will usually remain locked, especially when no admin is on at all, to reduce the copious amounts of trolling, RDM, VDM, and lack of roleplay - things which ruin it for the members and those who are trying to roleplay. Unfortunately it needs to be locked, however, it is no thanks to the CR players who come on with no intent to roleplay.
  9. Good photography! Like the pics!
  10. San Andreas Medical Response will be designating an EMS Auxiliary Division Manager when we can for the medical side of things. However, we need more members before we can actually do so. REMEMBER: YOU CAN BE A NORMAL EMS OR FD MEMBER AS WELL AS PD. THIS IS FOR THOSE WHO DON'T WISH TO DO EMS OR FD AS MUCH. Kind Regards, J. Davidson (EMS Director) Director & Head of San Andreas Medical Response | EMS Director, San Andreas Fire Department
  11. Welcome! :)
  12. This would be helpful due to the implementation of the new Auxiliary Emergency Service (AES) which both the SAFD and SAMR have been working on, in cooperation with Major Niveus (SASP), to provide medical training, as well as Fire and Rescue training for full-time SASP members who we definitely need help from time-to-time, due to low EMS/Fire Rescue staff count at this stage. This would help to differentiate between EMS and FD staff and those who wish to do EMS/FD markedly less than the full-time staff as a side/volunteer job and focus on another job in-server.
  13. The servers are locked to CU and above generally to enhance the quality of roleplay, as when the servers are set to CR (unlocked) there is markedly more RDM, copious amounts of copbaiting, and just a general lack of any form of roleplay, which ruins it for the dedicated members here, and those who want to enjoy this server. Although we want more players to join our community, we can't have the servers unlocked to have people come in and display sheer ignorance and disregard for those who want to roleplay, especially when administration staff members are not present. There has been an issue with evil modders and RDMers lately, so the server restriction needs to be in place, unfortunately, because disturbed people like to come on and ruin it for us all.
  14. Welcome mate, hope you continue to enjoy HSG!
  15. Due to his dedication with EMS, his EMS leadership skills, and his willingness to learn, in addition to his steady progression through clinical ranks over the last 2 or so months (since the San Andreas Medical Response began); John Granger has been promoted to the rank of Division Manager in EMS. His specific role is Basic Life Support Field Training Officer (FTO). In this role, he will assist EMS command with implementing basic courses for both EMS and the community, as well as bearing the ability to certify people to the rank of Emergency Medical Responder. Congratulations, John. -[MEDICAL DIRECTOR] J.Davidson (Jaysassin)