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  1. TOPIC LOCKED This matter is awaiting review by a Server Director. As stated before, server admins have no authority to investigate a permanent ban and therefore cannot lift one. My advice to you would be to continue doing something else and await a response. We all have real lives (including the directors), so please wait patiently for a response - they will get around to it when they can. (@Romaine Brooks @Bxbugs123)
  2. I could work with you by giving you ideas for injuries, diagnoses, and treatment from a medical standpoint, @Sithis.
  3. I can agree with you on the latter part of your suggestion being that EMS should be able to place the patient in an ambulance and then into the hospital. I think that would add to the realism and be beneficial in the sense that it could extend roleplay and stop critically injured players from "up-and-leaving" after being healed in the middle of roleplay. However, in the case that someone is injured close to a hospital, ideally a nurse(s), or even doctors, would leave the hospital to tend to a patient and bring them in - unlikely to happen on the server. However, realistically, the emergency services are usually still called by bystanders if an incident takes place on the street (yes, regardless of the fact that the hospital is close-by, people still call for ambulances) and an ambulance still will be dispatched (depending on the severity of the situation). You say "realistically in most situations. . . the person who is injured doesn't want to RP out the situation. . ." I say that people need to start doing other forms of RP than violence/pursuits (leading to MVAs and inevitably critical injuries). I also notice people messing about, punching each other and being childish, resulting in critical injuries (yes, we admins watch you all and notice things). Nonetheless, I know that the critical injury system can be glitchy sometimes and be too sensitive, however, I'm sure the developers will get to fixing and developing this when they get the chance (they are very busy people). I also know how frustrating critical injury system can be if EMS or FD is not online, however, we are currently working on expanding EMS and will be trying to achieve a target set by EMS leaders to recruit more people and cover different time zones, however, we all have real lives and time zone coverage may not be ideal - for example, I am a full-time student studying to become a doctor so my time is very restricted. My suggestion to players, for now, would be to be careful how you roleplay - not all RP has to involve someone getting hurt. The system helps EMS, when online to have something to do and to roleplay as well (in the lack of 911 EMS calls by players). I would personally suggest that maybe critical injury be reduced to 1-2 minutes in the absence of EMS and/or FD for the script. Cheers.
  4. sasp

    I would like to know what "facts" you have to share with us all about lowering the age requirement. Also, would you be able to shed some light on the "unfair decisions" that have taken place? From my point of view, this thread is just a continuation of the litany of the regular "please lower the age requirement so my friend can play" spiel that occurs on the forums. You would see how the administration views this matter if you looked through the forums at other posts made by people suggesting the same thing. More importantly, as I stated before, the SERVER DIRECTORS, who essentially pay the bills and have the weight of responsibility for the servers on their shoulders, set the regulations and policies - including age requirement. This is not open for debate or discussion. Please read other threads that have suggested an age requirement change and you will see that the Server Directors have made it clear that it will not be changed. This thread has 24 more hours and then it will be locked due to multiple other threads of this nature that have been addressed already. Thank you.
  5. sasp

    It's not an opinion, it is scientific fact. Also, it is up to the server directors - they have the overall say in who gets into the community; there is no going around that. It is good to suggest and great to have your own opinions, however, you need to realise there are not only scientific/physiological/psychological facts at play here but legal matters as well (which are actually in existence due research). In my country, adults who purchase the game for minors may end up doing a 3-month stint in prison or fined $10000 (not that I necessarily endorse this law in full as I believe it is too invasive on the household and parental decisions - too much govt intervention can be adverse). This law applies to movies as well. There are undoubtedly laws of similar nature in other countries. Regardless of your stance (or my own) on this, it is still law and should be followed until the point that legislation is changed due to an act of congress, parliament or the people - whatever the system in your country is. As I said before, kids and teenagers should be studying or doing something productive in the "real world". Spend time with your parents while you are living at home and not worrying about paying rent/bills. Hang out with friends and family in the real world. Education and real-life interactions are more important than an online server, for teenagers and children. I also respect your opinion as a firm supporter and defender of free speech. However, there are rules set in place here for good reason. The age restriction is very important here and is decided by the Server Directorate here at HSG. Cheers.
  6. sasp

    Hi there, There are a multitude of reasons why the age restriction is in place. This particular topic keeps appearing; once every week or two it seems. I am against the age for membership being lowered due to various biological processes that children and teenagers undergo - huge developmental changes in physiological systems and psychological processes that seriously affects reasoning and decision making (I won't go into depth with this). This is reflected in the server, whereby children and teenagers (particularly under the age of 16) will be defiant against authority and will become restless and belligerent when they do not get what they want. Furthermore, as a server director mentioned in a recent comment, in response to another individual querying this rule, is that as a child and teenager, you should be focused on education - I 100% agree with this. Playing on a server seriously affects learning and educational advancement in individuals, especially under the age of 18 (scientifically, up to the age of 25 whereupon full brain development is typically complete). Experience in the real world and the ability to be accepting of other the opinions of others is immensely important which is generally lacking in teenagers and children. Furthermore, youngsters need to understand what good roleplay is and what is not - very important for a somewhat serious roleplay community, and from what we see, young people often lack this ability This is a roleplay community - what administrators and members have seen is that teenagers and children are the primary offenders in server regulation violation, random deathmatching, and sheer lack of roleplay ability. However, aside from this, there are legal implications. In my country (New Zealand), the base game (Grand Theft Auto 5) is restricted to 18 years and older, and in many countries, GTA V is restricted to 17 years and older (as mentioned by a server director in another thread). Although there are a select few good "minors" on the server and are completely roleplay competent, it is entirely up to the server directors who gets in and not - they pay the costs and are responsible for the community. These rules are set in place by the Server Directorate - and for good reason. There may be exceptions for some who have exemplary roleplay conduct and behaviour, however, that is up to the Server Directorate - not the administration. Cheers, Jay Davidson
  7. This guide has been updated. Details listed above in original post. Enjoy!
  8. TOPIC LOCKED The matter has been discussed with the individual in question and has been resolved.
  9. San Andreas Medical Response will be designating an EMS Auxiliary Division Manager when we can for the medical side of things. However, we need more members before we can actually do so. REMEMBER: YOU CAN BE A NORMAL EMS OR FD MEMBER AS WELL AS PD. THIS IS FOR THOSE WHO DON'T WISH TO DO EMS OR FD AS MUCH. Kind Regards, J. Davidson (EMS Director) Director & Head of San Andreas Medical Response | EMS Director, San Andreas Fire Department
  10. There is a template for unban appeals - use it or this ban appeal will not be reviewed by the administration. Ban Appeal Template:
  11. This would be helpful due to the implementation of the new Auxiliary Emergency Service (AES) which both the SAFD and SAMR have been working on, in cooperation with Major Niveus (SASP), to provide medical training, as well as Fire and Rescue training for full-time SASP members who we definitely need help from time-to-time, due to low EMS/Fire Rescue staff count at this stage. This would help to differentiate between EMS and FD staff and those who wish to do EMS/FD markedly less than the full-time staff as a side/volunteer job and focus on another job in-server.
  12. The servers are locked to CU and above generally to enhance the quality of roleplay, as when the servers are set to CR (unlocked) there is markedly more RDM, copious amounts of copbaiting, and just a general lack of any form of roleplay, which ruins it for the dedicated members here, and those who want to enjoy this server. Although we want more players to join our community, we can't have the servers unlocked to have people come in and display sheer ignorance and disregard for those who want to roleplay, especially when administration staff members are not present. There has been an issue with evil modders and RDMers lately, so the server restriction needs to be in place, unfortunately, because disturbed people like to come on and ruin it for us all.
  13. Due to his dedication with EMS, his EMS leadership skills, and his willingness to learn, in addition to his steady progression through clinical ranks over the last 2 or so months (since the San Andreas Medical Response began); John Granger has been promoted to the rank of Division Manager in EMS. His specific role is Basic Life Support Field Training Officer (FTO). In this role, he will assist EMS command with implementing basic courses for both EMS and the community, as well as bearing the ability to certify people to the rank of Emergency Medical Responder. Congratulations, John. -[MEDICAL DIRECTOR] J.Davidson (Jaysassin) -Invaild- *Update John Granger is now a EMS Supervisor I
  14. Good advice from Raymond and you should heed this advice. TOPIC WAS ALREADY MARKED AS SOLVED: TOPIC LOCKED
  15. As stated above, by Tobi, this appears to be an issue with Fivem. Please follow the link as provided by Tobi, above, and make a thread there to ensure you can get the best help possible. We do not deal with Fivem issues here.