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  1. Missing hours

    Let me explain, when the database hard reset everything last year, around may, i had 0 hours AFTER (obviously). i took a break after that from HSG. I've been working up to around 198 hours around the last month or 2. that being said, I'm missing those hours in that screenshot (194 hours) Because that screenshot was taken before the database reset last year.
  2. Missing hours

    I just got back from a few months break from FiveM, and the hours bothers me more than it should. I currently have around 190 hours. I had around 100+ hours after this screenshot due to i got accepted into FD, i do not really care about my money, my rank is back though. I put this in "Restore request" 2 months ago or so, no response, thats why i'm putting it here.
  3. Restore Request