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  1. I keep a pen and legal pad on my desk for this exact reason.
  2. You were kicked by the server by one of the director's honey, not me. You can ask a few people in the server at the time that I even commented in /mc that it was not me who kicked you.
  3. This meeting is at EXACTLY the minute I get off work, I may be 10-20 Minutes late.
  4. I don't believe anyone will be receiving the hours they accrued while playing on the temp dev server as we have no way of tracking how long users were actually on. It was not being logged anywhere.
  5. Awaiting a Reply from M A G regarding his side of this whole situation. - Processing Appeal
  6. Sounds good, I will look in to it once I get your Screenshot.
  7. I am not showing any bans for you currently in the logs. Can you Screenshot the exact error its giving you?
  8. Please open your teamspeak and press Ctrl+I and provide me with your UID so I can find the ban and reason in the ban logs. Thanks, Prospect
  9. You see, Here in lays the problem. You are failing to see the point I am making. You said and I Quote, "Romaine got his slaves". Also, The immense amount of horrible things you said about Crazyman which I will not repeat. You have yet to answer my question, what do you bring to the community that is worth us taking another chance on you and following through with your unban request.
  10. It's not the hanging out with him that was the issue. It's what you said about members of our administration and how you agreed with him on some very harsh allegations and slander against the community during that time. That's why I am asking you, Why should we unban you?
  11. We have multiple instances and proof you slandering and talking ill of the community. For instance, You engaged in a conversation with another banned user who was evading at the time on one of our services and began to join in his bad mouthing of the community and its administration team. Why should we consider un-banning you?
  12. So code 3 made their own Whelen freedom?
  13. When you are free next I would love to sit down and talk shop.
  14. We need something that is web based to tie in to a database. I have a rough, ROUGH, VERY ROUGH OH MY GOD IS IT BUG RIDDEN, Protoype I am working on. Once the server is back up and we are back stable I will pour more time in to it.
  15. I like DCRS, But it's a sub based service @ 4.99/9.99 a month per user. I have been using the Excel sheets since my SAMP days for a WEBCAD. Ive wanted to dev a program with server integration for a long time, Maybe its time to revive the project.