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  1. The Boys Are Back In Town

  2. Report is currently under investigation. Please hold all responses as the topic is now locked.

    Hi Everyone! We have been embracing discord as our go to for quick news and announcements that effect the community as a whole, Please go ahead and join if you use discord, if you do not please consider it as it's a great piece of software! JOIN THE HSG DISCORD CLICK ME! Thanks! Prospect Senior Administrator | A2
  4. Hours played..

    From my understand, M3 requires a staff member to vouch for you.
  5. temp server hours

    I don't believe anyone will be receiving the hours they accrued while playing on the temp dev server as we have no way of tracking how long users were actually on. It was not being logged anywhere.
  6. Tutorial - Proper Security RP

    Awesome Tutorial man!
  7. Stat Reset Mega Thread

    TFW you dont read the other post's and this has already been resolved Please delete
  8. Stat Reset Mega Thread