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  1. I fixed this issue by tabbing out and in a few times, however it still took me 6 minutes longer than usual to load in after crashing.
  2. Any argument on why you wouldn't want to?
  3. Seems like CHP will come back by community vote!
  4. I'm on discord with the developer, and the script is working fine, however, it doesn't work for all police cars. I'd wait until it works for our custom slot police cars too.
  5. Your ideas are great, but with the current state of our community, it's hard. Monk is almost done with getting the State Police up and running to the full potential, and another agency with the structure and people you proposed will throw everything off ballance again, and that would be a killer to fix again. But, that's just my opinion.
  6. The Suburban is already in, seen Monk drive it.
  7. An option that does not work on HSG.
  8. Alex Cortez banned you for cop baiting and not roleplaying anything. It was a temp ban.
  9. I only said unnatural speed/handling, not speed boosting.
  10. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Reporting Name: TheBlazeTuber Time: 14/07/2017 time unk Other players name: State Police involved Rule broken: Unnatural speed/handling Recollection of events: Started pursuit, had a very hard time to catch up in the fastest charger Proof and/or other comments: ____________________________________________________________________________________
  11. Point out the mistakes and i'll do my best to fix them.
  12. You know how streamer events are carried out? Pre-Planned 24 hours prior in some cases, and then played out in a lovely way. Personally, I'd love to see such events on the public highspeed servers. Last night, we had a funeral roleplay, and even if it wasn't organized, it was a welcome change and everyone enjoyed it. It was amazing, and awesome to see the community come together for a small, but an awesome event. So, why not go a step further? Plane events on the forums, and then go for them in-game.
  13. I suggest an addition to this. Protocols when suspects open fire in a pursuit. Instead of backing off, some units go straight for the ram. @Trevv