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  1. Waiting On Primary

    That man is a very handsome individual.
  2. Helpful Link for Police Officers!!!

    Still useful if you want an in-depth explanation of a certain law. EG: open carry.
  3. Ready to Head out

  4. Unable to Load into Server

    I fixed this issue by tabbing out and in a few times, however it still took me 6 minutes longer than usual to load in after crashing.
  5. Code Responses Example

  6. Proper Pursuit Example

    Point out the mistakes and i'll do my best to fix them.
  7. Pursuit Guidelines/Rules!

    I suggest an addition to this. Protocols when suspects open fire in a pursuit. Instead of backing off, some units go straight for the ram. @Trevv
  8. Proper Pursuit Example

  9. Restore Request