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  1. More In-Depth police Tutorial

    Parts of this thread are outdated, update will be released soon.
  2. Dont see the server

    Head over to "Direct Connect" tab and use the following IP address. fivem.highspeed-gaming.com:704
  3. LOOSING HOURS?????????

    I don't believe there's way to find out if you have spend those "missing" hours on HSG, since you could have joined different servers or just had launcher open. I believe only way to return hours in general is to have picture of your /myinfo tab.
  4. Modded Sandy

    It will be taken out soon, Please stop making anymore threads regarding this, there is already one made in suggestions section.
  5. Getting drivers license back

    I am pretty sure the officer was talking In-Character. To get your license back, you need to type /renewdlic In-game and go to the location given by the command, after you go to the location type the command again and it should renew your license for fee of $3000 (IG Cash).
  6. Have you installed any mods within last previous days? Also have you tried reinstalling your FiveM?
  7. Cara not spawning

  8. FiveM Crash when in Sandy Shores

    Either your download speed is very slow and it's failing to download files from server or it could be your hard drive being full.
    1. Raymond


      I am not sure why you are sending me those links. There is K-9 Application and section, you just can't see them because you are not Trooper, as said before You can not apply for any division untill you reach Trooper rank.

    2. corentin
    3. Raymond
  9. Tutorial - Detective

    Thread updated, more coming soon.
  10. When will it be taken off?