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  1. I mean at this point in time money is basically useless when I refer to abuse I mean the functionality of the job like people going security to steal police vehicles and such
  2. Yeah I can see that, I was mostly coming from watching Dog the Bounty Hunter where I believe they did hunt those who failed to appear/fled etc it was a great show, but I can totally see where you're coming from and it makes sense, I just think that a job in the server that could even be restricted to a specific rank (M1+) just to prevent abuse would be extraordinary. ;)
  3. A lot of people like the idea of doing Bounty Hunter but in game there is really no "good" way of doing it and it ends up being powergaming a lot, what im suggesting is a new job that would allow them access to some sort of MDT to view if there is anyone with an active warrant in the server, then without metagaming find their location in some unique way, like we were doing with a sting operation at Ace Liquor and the Yellow Jack, and be awarded some kind of compensation for turning them into the police. Just a unique idea I think would be cool within RP but I could totally understand reasons why it shouldn't be added if anyone would like to contribute!
  4. Do you mean where you continously interfered with our RP's despite being asked to leave the area or join in with us? Okay shadownite.
  5. While I do agree with a lot of what was said here I don't agree with completely removing the Nora system, it does function as a good way for potential applicants to gage their interest and ability prior to joining SASP, however players who clearly do not pass the age restriction should not be allowed to go on as cop especially due to the large amount of issues that arise, there should be some checks in being a Nora just obviously not even nearly as in depth as joining SASP but atleast a reform to allow people who are here for real role play and not only pursuits and murder to thrive in the community.
  6. Character Information: Full Name (ie; Benjamin Archibald Kifler): Michael James Weston Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY): 05/12/1986 Residential Address (ie: 25 Grove Street, Davis, SA, USA): 23 Algonquin Boulevard, Blaine County Reason for Application (Why you want to join the SASP?): I would very much wish to join the San Andreas State Police, being an officer has always been a dream of mine and I think being able to contribute as a member of State Police would greatly suffice, and allow me to grow in leadership traits and responsibilities. What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I think that, I am incredibly mature especially when being on-duty as an officer, I have shown to learn incredibly quickly and I believe there are officers whom I have rode along with that can attest to this, I do believe I am fairly knowledgeable in Law Enforcement but I also want to take this as an opportunity to expand that knowledge. This is why I believe I should be chosen over another applicant. Education Record (List all degrees, certificates and diplomas from secondary and tertiary education institutions): Graduated from The University of San Andreas class of 2008, Masters in Education, Minor in computer science. Have you ever been arrested or detained in relation to any criminal case or investigation?: Yes Have you ever been convicted of a felony offence by a court of law in the United States or any foreign nation?: Yes Do you hold a valid San Andreas drivers license?: Yes Out of Character Information: Age (Persons under the age of 17 need not apply): 19 Previous/Current Community Membership (Any gaming communities such as GTA, Arma, ect): Various community memberships in many G-MOD Serious/Semi-Serious roleplay servers. (Friendly Players HL2RP, Friendly Players Semi-Serious RP, ZarpRP) -- Not meant to advertise just to explain Why do you wish to join SASP? (200 Word Minimum): I wish to join the San Andreas State Police because being an officer used to be a genuine dream of mine, and though due to some physical complications in person, I feel participating in this role on the HSG servers serves as a great substitute to that, as well as an amazing learning opportunity and a way to expand my already present knowledge in Law Enforcement. I have done ride along's with a few current Troopers and all of them had asked why I hadn't submitted an application yet, actually surprised that I was still a Nora unit. I have very quickly learned the rules of being an officer, and things I don't know I have great friends to ask and I hope that I can grow to be a very good trooper and do my best to handle such a important role on the server. I also really enjoy role playing along side many of the current troopers, a lot of whom I have spent time with in civilian situations, and created beneficial relationships with and would make transitioning into such an important role not so difficult, and make my time spent as a potential State Trooper just that much more enjoyable. What will you bring to SASP? (100 Word Minimum): I am bringing an incredibly mature attitude and a huge will and desire to learn and improve as an officer, I have quite a fair amount of experience (as a Nora unit,) from my own patrols and Ride Alongs with other State Troopers and I believe that I can bring a long the experience I have gained with my attitude and personality in order to perform very well as a member of the state police. As well, I am generally pretty friendly but I can fit into roles incredibly easily in order to portray a strict member of the department, or fit into situations correctly and appropriately. What are your strengths and weaknesses?: Strengths would likely fall under listening and responding to instruction very well and following through with responsibilities, weaknesses with patience in very very rare circumstances, though I do try to work on this. Character References (List any current SASP Officer who have agrees to attest to your suitably for the SASP): J. Sawyer A. Kulesza D. Genovese Peanut R. Cozz (Hours)
  7. Yeah when I was CR it felt like the server was not nearly as locked as often as it is now, but to be fair I earned CU status within three days of my first day playing the server so it doesn't leave a lot of room to have it locked. I really really like this this idea because I have friends that I know would be suitable people for the server simply for their love of realistic scenario roleplay, and the time they have had in the server they loved but their schedule makes it seem like they can only try to get on at times when it's locked -- which sucks when I want to play with them.