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  1. Hey Lazy, for a few days ago i did a unban appeal and it just said that it got moved to Server Dictator. Were can i see the answer? Or does he even care about the people who actually wants to play on your server?

    1. Lazy ♥ Sloth

      Lazy ♥ Sloth

      Your appeal is still pending. Patience and don't post on my profile for these questions. Your appeal will be immediately denied. 

    2. Mikakoan


      Okay sir, sorry for that bud.

  2. Lazy ♥ Sloth

    Tutorial - Proper Security RP

    At this point in time anyone can be a security guard.
  3. Hi Abdul,

    It has been a few weeks now since my ban appeal was pending and I am wondering why it is taking so long.

    Also, will I be notified when unbanned?

    1. Lazy ♥ Sloth

      Lazy ♥ Sloth

      You've submitted an appeal, please be patient during this time. Checkup on your appeal daily.

  4. Lazy ♥ Sloth

    Vehicle attachment - Tutorial

    Yep object spawning is PROHIBITED without admin permission regardless of size or object.
  5. Lazy ♥ Sloth

    Vehicle attachment - Tutorial

    The only way following this tutorial would be attaching a bulldozer however its not always the best fit.
  6. On Thanksgiving vacation until Sunday. See you guys when I get back!

  7. How to: Attach Vehicles I've noticed a few people wondering how to do this, here's how. Step 1: Have Simple Native Trainer installed. Step 2: Spawn your vehicle that you want to use for hauling, this HAS to be spawned via Simple Native. (Example) Once your have your first vehicle spawned, spawn the next one. Step 3: Now here's the fun part. Object spawning, Attached objects menu, Attached vehicles menu, "Select vehicle number attach to", press 5 on whichever vehicle is flashing (Your hauler), go down to next one and do the same however this is the vehicle you are trying to haul. (Image) Step 4: Attach vehicle to vehicle, press 5. Step 5: Now you can follow the instructions on your screen and move the vehicle. Now you're left with your final outcome! Feel free to comment any questions.
  8. Untitled.png

    1. J. Granger

      J. Granger

      Congrats on a 1000 hours that is accomplishment, But guess what I am right behind you Mr. So watch yourself lol

    2. Lazy ♥ Sloth

      Lazy ♥ Sloth

      Lol you're getting there

  9. Lazy ♥ Sloth

    Tutorial - Fire Equipment Arrangements

    Great work!
  10. Lazy ♥ Sloth

    Idk what to name this one but its pretty

    That is amazing.