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  1. In Game rank reinstatement

    Your M3 rank wouldn't of been removed due to a resignation. Like I said ask in game :)
  2. In Game rank reinstatement

    If your M3 was removed it's likely for a reason. Please ask an on duty SMRE official via /apmr next time you're in a session for more info.
  3. HighSpeed-Gaming A-Z Tutorial

    This is some great information for anyone with questions. Post is now pinned/featured.
  4. In-Game Stats got reset.

    Can vouch, M2 rank.
  5. Corrupted Mods/Cops

    Sorry to hear about your negative experience however this is not a post that has anything related to Server Support. I'd like to direct you into creating a new topic if you wish to report the users, following the proper format that is. http://highspeed-gaming.com/Forum/index.php?/forum/36-reporting/ Topic locked.
  6. stats and ranking

    You'll have to wait in our teamspeak tags channel, set your away status (or name) to inform us. If you see me in teamspeak just contact me.
  7. Hey Lazy, for a few days ago i did a unban appeal and it just said that it got moved to Server Dictator. Were can i see the answer? Or does he even care about the people who actually wants to play on your server?

    1. Lazy ♥ Sloth

      Lazy ♥ Sloth

      Your appeal is still pending. Patience and don't post on my profile for these questions. Your appeal will be immediately denied. 

    2. Mikakoan


      Okay sir, sorry for that bud.

  8. Banke glitched

    Topic moved to Server Support instead of Reporting forums.
  9. Unable to join

    FiveM is currently experiencing cyber attacks from what they've said via Twitter.
  10. Trucking Missions Broken

    ^ There's your answer
  11. Trucking Missions Broken

    This is a known issue sadly. I believe the developers are working on it still.
  12. Tutorial - Proper Security RP

    At this point in time anyone can be a security guard.
  13. Can't connect

    This error just means that someone took your spot as you were loading in. Just another way of saying "The server is full try again".