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  1. +1
  2. There shouldn't be a need for a channel just for that.
  3. -SMRE- This report is in the INVESTIGATION status. Please refrain from arguing over the reports section as this will eventually cause more conflicts. Individuals involved in this topic will be reached out to and talked to privately.
  4. APPLICATION DENIED Did not meet minimum word criteria Wrong format Lack of effort Age restriction not met (16+) We are sorry to inform you, that your application did not meet our desired requirements. You may re-submit a new application at any time. Feel free to join the server as a Non Employee in the meanwhile. If you are not already able to, contact PWorks Directorate for permissions / orientation. - Lead Foreman , Abdul Patel
  5. There's obviously a reason. It is EXTREMELY unlikely to get banned permanently as a mistake.
  6. No. Yokas is stating that only DR's can unban you if it's permanent.
  7. You obviously have some frustrations and are looking for a place to vent however this is the reporting section. In this section ALL reports need to be in the proper format. Your concerns discussing your issues you may have had at the time are noted. Obviously staff must do their job and properly do a bit of detective work and piece together the large amount of reports they get daily in game and out of game. Obviously if you were actually being chased by bikers and ran into an RP there's going to be plenty of frustration between all parties involved which will typically get sorted out by the staff online. If you have a problem with a certain staff member then please feel free to place a properly formatted report in this section. Hopefully your experience here at High Speed Gaming will only get better from here on out. I'd highly suggest that you also review our rules as you load into the server or use /rules in game for a list of them. I have also linked another list of rules that can easily be found on our forums here below.
  8. There were multiple reports on you for interfering with roleplay, kicking people while in the middle of roleplays to make them critical, teleporting, etc. Your ban will be lifted the next server restart.
  9. sasp

    It's really not up for debate. I have no comment on the topic.
  10. This is a known issue.
  11. You can gain health again by spamming clean/heal or doing /heal ID.
  12. sasp

    Curious to why you're assuming that I would support something and why you feel the need to include it?
  13. This happens sometimes. Fixed your rank.
  14. +1
  15. *APPLICATION APPROVED* The applicant Norman Teso has boarded on the 1st of October, 2017. Interview has been performed by Lazy Sloth - 10/1/2017. The applicant has been accepted into the SA Public Works / SanTrans as Laborer, O-27 - Lead Foreman , Abdul Patel