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  1. Command out tonight.

  2. Server Restricted

    Ok So Invalid Ticket Is Just Basically A Rejection From Steam. If You Get That Message After Around 5 Clicks You Need To Go Into Your Task Manager And End All Steam Task's Then Reload Steam And Try Again. As For The Server Being Restricted, That Will Happen Quite Often Due To CR's Coming Into The Server And Destroying It. Therefore The Admins Or DR's Will Restrict It To Prevent That. To Obtain CU I Believe You Must Have Either 10 Or 30 Hours. Once You Have Reached Those Hours, Contact An Admin While In Game Or TS And Politely Ask Them To Give You CU Tags.
  3. Error - Failed to fetch resource 06tahoe1.yft

    Try To Delete Your Cache In FiveM That May Solve It
  4. FiveM Not Loading

    Had The Same Issue, Try Removing ScriptHookV.dll From Your Main Gta 5 Directory
  5. LAPD Light Bar Problems!

    I Have This Weird Glitch With Only The LAPD Oval Light Bars, All The Sherriffs Vehicles Are Fine But The Charger And The CVPI LAPD's Light's Are All Messed Up. I Know I Need To Do Something With Vehicle Meta But I'm Not 100% Any Help Would Be Great Guys. Here Are The Pictures Of The Charger. I Don't Have Pictures Of The CVPI But The Problem Is Similar. https://gyazo.com/58d8e03ea8b968ab6864252ab940e417 https://gyazo.com/66d2c9239f0c8b399efc6cf11edab207 https://gyazo.com/9f7a49dfdac21e5b7ca1a1d0b097bdae https://gyazo.com/58f7b6a79b5876279ee177ee878b7367