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  1. A lot of people have said that their hours got rolled back and ranks are not correct when the DB came back. They said they are working on it and to be patient. You're not the only one.
  2. Bikes are limited to M1+. Your stats are most likely "reset" because you joined after the database went down. It won't take long to get back to 30hrs. Just keep playing and you'll be there before you know it.
  3. Since the DB is back up can I please get my in game rank fixed to M1? Thank you!
  4. Is there a trick to refueling motorcycles? No mater where I stand I always get the error saying I'm not facing my last used vehicle.
  5. If you had read the rules you would know exactly why you were banned. Why should you be warned to stop doing something you know you shouldn't be doing?