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  1. Disabled by default from the server, it helps to prevent people from knowing where others are (Which prevents Meta or Power Gaming)
  2. Trust me... you don't know how many high priority calls cops get each night. Too many.
  3. I believe it is in the circled area: http://prntscr.com/fl1bbo Its the big building at the corner of Occupation Ave / Elgin Ave
  4. There is a court house down in Vinewood Hills, I think at Elgin and Occupation Ave. Type /renewdlic when in game and it will tell you where to go. Once you get there, (Keeping this thoroughly in RP), find one of the many "Open Doors" And once you "Walk in", go up to the receptionist and type "/renewdlic". Once you do that, your license will be at 0/15 points, but you will still have all prior traffic citations on your record for if you get pulled over again. Out of RP, go to the courthouse, find a door that will work with the command "/renewdlic" And then boom, 0/15 points with all previous traffic citations still on your record. Hope I helped. ;)
  5. M3

    @Bxbugs123 I don't want to bother you but you're one of the few I know that can provide this achievement to players. If me asking for it won't get me the rank, I hope this at least brought recognition to me and my role playing. To those who support me, thank you. Its nice to see that others also support me in this endeavor.
  6. M3

    Holy moly. Website goes down for a day and I come back to see this. Thank you guys for your support, means a lot. :)
  7. You would need to contact an A2 or higher to give you the CU rank in game. Upon obtaining CU, you can go on duty as a police officer as a local unit (BCSO, LSPD, PBPD) (Blaine County Sheriff Office, Los Santos Police Department, Paleto Bay Police Department) To become a State Trooper, you need to apply via the applications section, get your application accepted, successfully complete your interview, and then you will become a Trainee. Successfully complete a Trooper training and you will become a Trooper.
  8. M3

    Being that I have no clue how to even start this, I'll just start with my name. I'm George Crazy. I have been playing on HSG since the end-ish of November 2016, when the server was just recently introduced to the public. I had a prior knowledge of the server, as you can see by my Member Number, I've been around for quite a bit of time before I started playing. Any who, I'm posting this in regards to me possibly obtaining the M3 status, or rank. I've been told many different things from many different sources - You have to earn it, or play for a long time, or ask for it. Well, let me try asking for it, and if it doesn't work, then at least maybe I can get myself more attention as an avid roleplayer. To whomever it may concern, As stated above, I've played on HSG for a long amount of time, more than 6 months now. I have over 400 hours on the server, with no bans or kicks (to my knowledge, anyway). I spend a lot of time on the server often policing and helping others. The primary reason I believe I deserve, or should have M3 is because I believe I have proved that I can not only handle it (I wont go around doing a billion pursuits in sportcars that only M3's have access to), but also because I have shown the community that I am a good role player, worthy (in my opinion) of those beautiful vehicles, mainly the police ones, that M3's have access to. Also, not to compare myself with others, but I have been here longer than some current M3's, which also shows that I am a "Senior Member". I appreciate whoever it may be that is reading this, and thank you for any thought that has gone, or that may go in to me achieving this status. Thank you! (Oh, and as a proof of my record, here is an in game shot of /myinfo) http://prntscr.com/fk00rc (Oh, and my in game name is Crazy)
  9. Where is the M3 application if you dont mind linking me it?
  10. Mine also was not fixed. I gained about 29 hours during this glitch (Was at 80, now at 109) and had about 250 hours before the glitch. My bank also had about 65k in it before the glitch.
  11. I had about 250 hours, plus the 15 hours I added while this issue is happening. Currently on the server I have 95 hours approximately. My bank was somewhere around 60k.
  12. Me personally have been a Trainee now for 3 months. It kind of hurts seeing that people go from no rank to Trooper 2 in a matter of 3 to 4 weeks, and I am still here, playing since the server was opened to the public, with Trainee. I asked Monk when the next training would be, and I was told it would be when a lot of trainees are on. Unfortunately not all of the trainees can be on at once. Perhaps if we had a schedule of just a training once a week or every other week, depending on how fast apps are being accepted and interviewed, people would rank up accordingly. I also feel like not a lot of people are on the same page. Multiple times I have been using a certain skin, and then was told by a trooper to change it, then told by another trooper to change it back. Another example is that people say that someone said one thing, yet another was told another, and then that third person said so and so said this, it gets confusing. I personally tried to go to a Lieutenant about there being two R-12's, and he directed me to another person. When I asked if he was the proper person, I was ignored and could not bring the issue up. Don't get me wrong - The work that was put in, and is currently being worked on and implemented, is awesome. It just hurts that others are ranking up super fast while others are still at the bottom of the totem pole, simply because they got lucky and made it to a training. I thought I knew a good amount, but when I was playing with Monk last night, he was teaching me a ton of stuff, which goes to show that it is incredibly necessary to train Trainees, and also CU's, being the server is often made up of a bunch of them. Thank you for considering.
  13. Will there be another set of scheduled police trainings anytime soon?

  14. GGNCrazy Recruit
  15. Try removing your carcols. I remember they screwed up chargers like 2 months ago, dont know if they are related to this or not.