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San Andreas Medical Response Command
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  1. Higher level?

  2. Questions about CU & PD Jobs

  3. Restore Request

    Mine also was not fixed. I gained about 29 hours during this glitch (Was at 80, now at 109) and had about 250 hours before the glitch. My bank also had about 65k in it before the glitch.
  4. Restore Request

    I had about 250 hours, plus the 15 hours I added while this issue is happening. Currently on the server I have 95 hours approximately. My bank was somewhere around 60k.
  5. Will there be another set of scheduled police trainings anytime soon?

  6. Teamspeak Perms

    GGNCrazy Recruit
  7. LAPD Light Bar Problems!

    Try removing your carcols. I remember they screwed up chargers like 2 months ago, dont know if they are related to this or not.
  8. TS3

  9. /unseat id to remove a cuffed suspect from a police vehicle.