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  1. I absolutely agree with having jobs that couldnt be abused. Perhaps set up a fruit-stand or 24/7 job, where you make a base salary ($15/hr) but you make commissions on how much fruit/food you sell. This would prevent people from going AFK because no one would want to make 15 a paycheck AFK'ing, and would promote them to actually use /ad and advertise how good their store is. Another idea would be neighborhood crime watch (Would be best for days where there are only 3 or 4 cops on at a time.) Again, have a very minimal to no base pay, but perhaps make a commission from the state for every criminal you report to the police. This idea may be best for when (or if) we get persistence, but it would be maybe a hotel desk clerk/managerial position at a hotel. Low base pay, high commission for every room you rent to a customer. Maybe a gas station attendant. Would make decent pay being they would be out in all weather conditions, and this would stop you from having to leave your car, and would also give another active job to someone. Or, to just prevent abuse, have a timer that would remove someone from a job after they dont do squat for a few minutes. This way, they dont just rack up paycheck after paycheck.
  2. From my knowledge, a bounty hunter DOES NOT go around looking for people with, to be broad, "Warrants." When I do my Bounty Hunter RP, I go to different civilians throughout the server for various different reasons. One reason may be simply to check up on them because they havnt checked in to the Bail Bonds company that week. Another reason may be that their bond is being revoked, or to investigate a complaint from their Co-Signer, and possibly revoke the bond there. Lastly, I may arrest them for having a "Warrant," which would be for failure to appear, as to my knowledge, that is the only warrant a BH can arrest a person for, being its all apart of the bond contract, etc. No, their arrest wouldn't add a charge to their record nor would they actually be jailed. Being the entire RP is "Forced" upon them (Which practically all of the 15 or so people I did it to didn't mind, except for 2, of which i apologized to), i feel it is not right to add a charge to their record. Sometimes I even send a PM to the person prior, asking "Is it okay if we do a 15 minute RP?" Or something along the lines of that. Then for vehicles, I personally use the slicktop M3 impala with a red light in front and an amber light in back (Might be against server rules, however I am an M3 with about 620 hours with no prior kicks or bans. I havn't abused the vehicle nor do I plan on it, and for those reasons, I see no issue with it. Plus, multiple admins saw me operating it and havn't said a word to me regarding it.) However, for a Non-M3, or for anyone that is told not to use a 100% realistic vehicle for the situation (Such as the slicktop impala I use....), then I see no problem with running the CVPIVOL with either the lightbar or interior lighting (Being you are self-employed, there really isnt regulations on whether or not you can roll slicktop or not, compared to being a SAST with vehicle protocols, etc.) Having a Bounty Hunting job would most likely require a civilian to log any information a bounty hunter would need, such as description, DOB, Age, Height, Address, Any Owned Vehicles, etc. Although I like bounty hunting and the idea of it, I feel it would require a certain set of civs to properly RP it out.
  3. For CU, you need about 25-30 hours, along with no admin warnings or bans on your record. If you do have these warnings, its not impossible to get CU, however it will require you put in more hours on to the server. Mini Levels Breakdown: CR: Rank when you first join the server (Casual Restricted) CU: 25-30 Hours w/ Good Behavior (Casual Unrestricted) M1: First Member Rank. Obtain this by Getting CU and then applying for 1 or more departments on the server (FD, EMS, SASP) Also type /myinfo in game to get your hours. Once you notice you reached the required amount, type /apmr to get in touch with an admin, or if you notice an A2 or A3 in teamspeak, contact them. Remember to be polite to them, and ask them for CU. Dont demand it! Hope I helped.
  4. You would need to contact an A2 or higher to give you the CU rank in game. Upon obtaining CU, you can go on duty as a police officer as a local unit (BCSO, LSPD, PBPD) (Blaine County Sheriff Office, Los Santos Police Department, Paleto Bay Police Department) To become a State Trooper, you need to apply via the applications section, get your application accepted, successfully complete your interview, and then you will become a Trainee. Successfully complete a Trooper training and you will become a Trooper.
  5. Where is the M3 application if you dont mind linking me it?
  6. Mine also was not fixed. I gained about 29 hours during this glitch (Was at 80, now at 109) and had about 250 hours before the glitch. My bank also had about 65k in it before the glitch.
  7. I had about 250 hours, plus the 15 hours I added while this issue is happening. Currently on the server I have 95 hours approximately. My bank was somewhere around 60k.
  8. Me personally have been a Trainee now for 3 months. It kind of hurts seeing that people go from no rank to Trooper 2 in a matter of 3 to 4 weeks, and I am still here, playing since the server was opened to the public, with Trainee. I asked Monk when the next training would be, and I was told it would be when a lot of trainees are on. Unfortunately not all of the trainees can be on at once. Perhaps if we had a schedule of just a training once a week or every other week, depending on how fast apps are being accepted and interviewed, people would rank up accordingly. I also feel like not a lot of people are on the same page. Multiple times I have been using a certain skin, and then was told by a trooper to change it, then told by another trooper to change it back. Another example is that people say that someone said one thing, yet another was told another, and then that third person said so and so said this, it gets confusing. I personally tried to go to a Lieutenant about there being two R-12's, and he directed me to another person. When I asked if he was the proper person, I was ignored and could not bring the issue up. Don't get me wrong - The work that was put in, and is currently being worked on and implemented, is awesome. It just hurts that others are ranking up super fast while others are still at the bottom of the totem pole, simply because they got lucky and made it to a training. I thought I knew a good amount, but when I was playing with Monk last night, he was teaching me a ton of stuff, which goes to show that it is incredibly necessary to train Trainees, and also CU's, being the server is often made up of a bunch of them. Thank you for considering.
  9. Will there be another set of scheduled police trainings anytime soon?

  10. GGNCrazy Recruit
  11. Try removing your carcols. I remember they screwed up chargers like 2 months ago, dont know if they are related to this or not.
  12. TS3

    As far as i know, server and TS are down.
  13. /unseat id to remove a cuffed suspect from a police vehicle.