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  1. Unban Appeal Name: Joe S Steam64 ID STEAM_0:0:123786776 Permanent or Temp ban: permanent Ban Reason: it said for stealing resources from the community Do you believe it was your fault: no cause i dont know how i stole anything or even what i stole Recollection of events: i wanted to play on highspeed on 4/8/17 and in waited for like ten twenty minutes and i finally got in the server and i jumped on as a cop and was patrolling and we had a couple of constant shooting and i was driving whe we got a call to the bank in peleto for a robbery and i responded and i showed up and then it looked as if my game crashed and some people told me in ts i had ban banned for stealing resources and i diidnt do anything Proof or other comment well i dont know what i stole and i dont know how to steal any of the files and jankins and a couple other people said they are witnesses to the last couple days on how i couldn't have been i also am not one to brake rules it makes me feel sick in side when i get accused of stealing or anything else that means i broke a rule
  2. unban appeal name Joe admins name i dont know who banned me it did not say steam id 11000010EC1AC30 for spawning cars i dont believe it was my fault cause i only spawned in one car in on my screen recollection i joined and i had been kicked before for not knowing the rules and accidentally broke them like the no pursuit rule did not know it so i waited a day and then rejoined and got on to the surver andmaybe three more minutes pass then i get a red box and every one leaves and then i was like okay this is like the fith surver and i was like im just going to spawn in one police car and drive around and pull ai over and then a couple of seconds later banned im not a big tech guy so i was not recording but i dont like to brake rules if i knew the Pursuit rule i would not have broken it and if i had know that on some ones screen i was spawning a lot of cars i would have tried to do something so im sorry if i did something i did not mean to
  3. A person banned me but I don't know who but I was banned for spamming when I only spawned one car I don't see what I did please let me know