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Jay Walker

San Andreas State Police
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    2. ChrisCaz
    3. K. Husky

      K. Husky

      Sad to see you go dude! Good luck with whatever life brings you.

      Thanks for everything.

    4. OPGamer99
    1. Jay Walker

      Jay Walker

      Profeet? And whenever he gets on, I'll make sure he looks at your screenshot. Where is the screenshot located?

  1. As of 16:35:58 PM (Eastern Standard Time), Lieutenant A. Cortez has resigned from San Andreas State Police and SMRE. He will be missed dearly!

  2. chat not working in server

    Topic moved to "Server Support"
  3. If you haven't already joined the HSG discord, please look inside the teamspeak and get the link from there. Some other admins and I have been posting updates and would like everyone to know about them. Thanks!

    1. Jay Walker

      Jay Walker

      As of right now if you would like to become state police the applications are closed due to the server maintenance. But we allow you to come on our server and become local (Sheriff or Police).

    2. K HENRY
  4. Work, Work, Work. That's all I wanted to say folks. Have a good one!

  5. If everyone haven't noticed yet, the department supervisors are very busy with department changes. Please bare with us as these changes are being worked out. We have a lot on our plate and hope to get everything together pretty soon! Sorry we're not really answering questions about what's going on with the department, we would rather tell everyone ALL at once and I think the website is the best location to do so. Thanks for reading this and hope you understand.

  6. failed zlib call

    Have you tried to google it or youtube it? Because I've never experienced that problem before.
  7. m1 rank not received

    You will have to either contact a admin to assist you with this one since Ross isn't a admin himself. If you would like to contact a admin, please sit inside the "Tags Channel" inside the teamspeak and wait for a admin to assist you right now.
  8. Playtime was Reset

  9. Getting in

    What is your server rank? Also click above and read that post about frequent questions. Maybe that will help you out some. Good luck and Enjoy!