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      Connecting to HSG Servers   03/04/2017

      To connect directly to our servers, do the following:

      In the client hit the settings button at the top right, looks like two cogs hanging out together. Enter your Username, the in the Server IP Type one of the following then hit connect: Server 1 = gta.highspeed-gaming.com Have fun! (Expect an announcement soon regarding the removal from the masterlist)   Like this


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  1. /ts in game or connect to ts3.highspeed-gaming.com
  2. Hey, I was just wondering what are the "permanent account related rewards that you get for donating to Highspeed Gaming? I don't see them listed anywhere. Thanks.
  3. Try to roleplay with them and see how they act. /s But seriously, can't you see their names over their heads most of the time? And the blips on the minimap?