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  1. Hello everyone. I've noticed that the servers have been a bit dead lately. I understand that the majority of this from the Lithium crashes. However, I think there's another reason. The server is always restricted to CU or M1, rarely is it set to CR. How are we supposed to recruit new members, and populate the server when no one can join? I feel that there is an overall concern about the server, mainly because of the recent loss in members. I think that removing restrictions might remedy this. I love seeing HSG thrive, and would like to see more people enjoying the same. Thanks for reading, Park.
  2. Welcome!
  3. I'm posting in a new thread because the original one has been all but ignored at this point. I made a post and have been updating it since the reset happened. I have asked all of the A3's on the server, and even DR. "Not my job" or "I'm busy" or they just ignore me all together. I understand that we have real life obligations, but more than a few months is adequate time to correct an issue. So here I state another formal request for my hours to be restored. I have lost over 150 hours due to the reset, and am currently forced to duplicate my hours to reach M2. I have been asked for proof, such as a screen shot... etc. Had I known that there would be a reset I would've prepared. I have been with this community since January on and off. I have been accepted into the SASP and achieved the rank of Trooper II. Why do I have a reason to lie about this? Thanks in advance for any assistance you may render, J.Parkplatz.
  4. +1
  5. Wouldn't it be cool if ranks on Trooper's sleeves were expanded? One stripe for Trooper II, corresponding rank for Senior Trooper and so on.. I think this would be an awesome idea for people trying to display their appropriate rank earned in places other than just Teamspeak 3.
  6. With playtime since the roll back that would put me to around 310 hours total (With recent game play). I'm honestly not sure of the exact figure. Had I known that there was going to be a reset, I would've taken a screenshot of the exact amount of hours. Already got M1 back. Thanks in advance, Park.
  7. I was around 140-145 Hours of play on the server and M1.. Got set back to CU and 25 hours. Could I get some help with this, please?
  8. Man, you have to be patient. These guys do this in their free time! You're probably going to have to play something else, man.