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  1. Both servers locked

  2. Alt+Tab error

    It didn't work :(
  3. Alt+Tab error

  4. Alt+Tab error

  5. I am unable to join

  6. Tutorial | Custom Sirens

    Keep this pinned forever.
  7. San Andreas Roleplay

    A lot of vehicle codes are stemmed from the CVC and a lot of misdemeanor violations mimic CA law. In addition, for the metro area of Los Santos, the L.A.M.C. (Los Angeles Municipal Code) is used a lot. I like to reference it when rolling as LSPD/LSSD to allow for more immersion.
  8. Map not loading

  9. Keep singling into own instance

    My guess of what happens is the way the networking framework is setup for FiveM. If this is the case, then we as players have no possible input to fix it.
  10. CU and Warnings

    A warning isn't really what we look for when reviewing a player's PVHC. However, it does depend on the warning. I doubt it will affect your chances of securing CU. Keep your head down, roleplay and play nice with others and you'll be fine.
  11. To add on to Jay's reply, the 'double-sixteen-shade' is a crash type hash so the devs know which error to reference when you crash if you were to make a topic. This is only able to be tracked to you and your error.
  12. This is messed up...

  13. Map blips