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  1. 100% yes. Having TheHurk's CHP pack to add the realism would be even better.
  2. TOPIC LOCKED | APPEAL NULLIFIED The ban sentence was not permanent thus nullifying the ban appeal. Please do not spam the appellate section with unnecessary records.
  3. Although this topic has been locked, I must comment to inform you that your banishment from our community is apart of a confidential matter that is currently ongoing. I made this very clear on a ban appeal and a report topic of yours but you seem to fail to retain such information.
  4. TOPIC LOCKED Information related to this incident is sealed due to privacy and/or security issues. Directorate level status is applied to this appeal.
  5. TOPIC LOCKED Information related to this incident is sealed due to privacy and/or security issues. Directorate level status is applied to this appeal.
  6. Certain actions by players will force us to react by locking the servers for an extended time to try and root out the bad versus the good. With that being said, the servers are unlocked for a majority of time over being locked to CU. Hope this helped!
  7. It didn't work :(
  8. I have an issue with my VSync being locked on but it's off in settings. Do you know if going to the actual GTA V story mode and turning off VSync will help?
  9. You could have stopped the report here. Don't mistake 'Reporting' with 'Ranting'. If two other admins were present and did nothing (especially Jay) then it obviously was either a joke or a misunderstanding. /thread
  10. This is my current progress talking to the FiveM guys: https://forum.fivem.net/t/constantly-receiving-october-michigan-lithium-error/27522/16?u=thesendest As you can see, they are more worried about being sarcastic and useless than actually trying to tell me how to get the information they need.
  11. Hey folks, I never do status updates because nobody cares what I think but it seems that a comment I made previously today on a thread— in which I was solely attempting to assist a user—got kind of misinterpreted. So, to clear some things up I am here to say the following:

    Highspeed-Gaming does not support nor provide asylum for people that are suspect of directly* stealing files from us. This includes everything you would call a file: vehicles, scripts, 

    *Directly; meaning any person having direct involvement or direct knowledge of people stealing assets from Highspeed-gaming.

  12. Just a suggestion for the /me commands: after your name, you have the letter capitalized (e.g. John Oneill Opens MDT). Just to make it look cleaner, the first letter in the statement of your action should be lowercase. Other than that, this is incredible. Nice work, dude!
  13. Keep this pinned forever.
  14. A lot of vehicle codes are stemmed from the CVC and a lot of misdemeanor violations mimic CA law. In addition, for the metro area of Los Santos, the L.A.M.C. (Los Angeles Municipal Code) is used a lot. I like to reference it when rolling as LSPD/LSSD to allow for more immersion.