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  1. We already got some civilians vehicles that we removed weeks ago. There are already 2-3 in game but we won't add any new vehicle at the moment. As you could see, there are, sometimes, already some texture loss.
  2. You have been Tbanned by Mikichii. We were both here as cop, searching for shots fired. Plus we got someone that was randomly shooting on people with a weapon, could have match. Then we saw you on the rock and approached it. Mikichii was climbing the rock and I was moving my car to the other side, having you in sight, and when she was near to you, you airbreaked.
  3. Well mods.asi still works fine. If the one you have don't work anymore, download mods.asi on TeamSpeak 3. To do that, right click on Administration 1 / open file browser / click mods.asi / download it.
  4. Link of the Speedradar updated. Thanks to Jekyll.
  5. Well people can already use /311 to call Public works, they just mostly never use it.
  6. Well main mods are server side actually, it's not required anymore to download anything. If you want to improve roleplay, you can still get the Fix turn wheel mod to keep your wheels turned when you exit a vehicle. You can check everything in the tutorials section of the forum
  7. Hello. On steam, click on the bottom left cross, add a non-steam game, find FiveReborn.exe, add it to steam library. Launch it. If not working, wait for someone that have a non steam version to help you.
  8. Looks nice, but I will keep dark theme on my side as I like to clearly read bright text on dark background, can use more colours.
  9. Hello, Well technically you aren't a member. To be an official member, you need to make an application and be approved.
  10. Well the forum is normally priority, but as informations aren't always transmitted from one to an other, just wait for someone or Romaine directly to check that.
  11. Would not say no to have back the 96 CVPI and the detective 94 Caprice. There is actually the GTA IV 1st gen stanier for detective that needs a few improvements at the moment.
  12. If there would be more options than PayPal only ^-^
  13. A non-member player, for the tag on TeamSpeak3, means that the person isn't an official member. An official member is someone who made an application and have been approved.
  14. Merry Xmas ^-^