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  1. Google map mod with postal codes

    Hey, can you provide a screenshot of it, to show an example? As there is already a modification for the google map style here, to check the difference.
  2. Saved Vehicles Not in Trainer

    Lambda menu don't really have backups. When you update from a new verison, you will lose every save. You now have to redo all your save.
  3. Hours back

    Topic solved and locked.
  4. lost all access

    Hello, did you get a new pc or erased everything on your computer to reinstall windows?
  5. LOOSING HOURS?????????

    Situation resolved. Topic locked.
  6. LOOSING HOURS?????????

    Your total playtime on the server is recorded and saved in our database. The total playtime on Source SDK Base is recorded on every game that use that stuff. Some mods you download for other games do use Source SDK Base.
  7. @ElCanu First link might not work for you, take the second mod.
  8. PLD download file for single player

    No it isn't, the new one on HSG is unique and made for the server. The old Player Location Display is not to be used anymore on the server and you can find it on https://www.gta5-mods.com
  9. Cant join server due to my name not being accepted?

    If you have any sort of website link in your steam name, you will be automatically refused to join the server. Be sure to remove any website from your name on steam. No advertising allowed.
  10. Felony Stop with an Suspect

    Yes I do, on my own personnal imgur account, as I did draw it leeeel xD
  11. Felony Stop with an Suspect

    Don't forget the credits ^-^
  12. Lost of item

    Vehicles are automatically removed by a script if no players are around. That why, when you move to an other RP area, you don't need to delete all the vehicles, the server will do it automatically as no players should be around. If you want that to be avoided, park your RV in an area where there is always at least 1 player.
  13. Modifications You Might Want (VisualV & More)

    Topic lock, some files here might be OUTDATED, please download the files from the forum at this address: If mods are crashing you, test them one by one, or add mods one by one and see if your game works fine. If still crashing, checks that you have no mods using same keybinds by example or any conflict.