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  1. There are 2 links. First is the original mod Second is the mod from the website DieLikeKane. I actually invite you to get this one, as it should be actually better than the first one and in better quality.
  2. 09 June 2018: Updated second link for people not able to click the link without them being blocked by permission. Juste copy and paste the link and remove the space to reach the website.
  3. Junkozane

    Detective Yokas, at your service.

  4. Junkozane

    Crime Scene investigation

  5. Junkozane

    Crime Scene investigation

  6. Junkozane

    Crime Scene investigation

  7. Junkozane

    Google map mod with postal codes

    Hey, can you provide a screenshot of it, to show an example? As there is already a modification for the google map style here, to check the difference.
  8. @ElCanu First link might not work for you, take the second mod.
  9. Junkozane

    Felony Stop with an Suspect

    Yes I do, on my own personnal imgur account, as I did draw it leeeel xD