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  1. Trooper: Master Trooper A.Ramey - P-2T Current Posting: Traffic New Posting: Detective division
  2. Trooper: Senior Trooper Eddie Cane - P-36 Current Posting: Patrol New Posting: Detective division
  3. I'm not really that much for the idea of adding a bounty hunter job, technically I'm mostly not at all for the bounty hunter stuff, as most people don't even know how to do it. Also the problem is, to do some bounty hunter stuff, like you said, you mostly need to ask the person if he/she wants to RP it. Otherwise, 99% of the time, you won't be able to find a wanted person, as that person may have changed his/her vehicle and skin. Also it wasn't allowed for bounty hunters to use emergency vehicles on the server. Haven't seen you in that M3 impala yet, and the other admins who saw you may haven't been informed that they can't use emergency vehicles. Also red is for emergency only, it would need to be orange only.
  4. Well, as M Hunter want a CLEAR answer. UNBAN APPEAL DENIED for the following reason. Telling an admin "you can go kys" Literally "kill yourself"
  5. Also you already made one there I'm locking this topic and moving it into the archives.
  6. You will need to wait for @Bxbugs123 or @Romaine Brooks to look at your ban appeal as this is a permanent ban.
  7. It's never for "No reason". There is always a reason. Wait for the admin that did ban you to answer.
  8. Did the server split just before? Because when it does and you are in the wrong instance, you will be automatically kicked in the next 2 minutes.
  9. False and lies, you do know that he is banned, your friend, with who you are playing and was playing for long time with him. You do know that he is banned for life from our server. He has been banned long time ago, and you was already playing here. I told you you need to grow up, there are for sure some people in this community that are threatening younger people like trash because they are not even listening to what is being said and never learn from what they have been told or punished for; They shouldn't be doing that, but unfortunately, I understand why they are pissed of by younger people. A very few young people are mature enough and do understand and learn for their mistakes, but that's only a few, and I'm sorry but you are nor part of them. I now do agree with all the points you have been banned for, and that is why your ban appeal will be denied. 1-Disrespect to staff=> Yes, because last time you have been told multiples times to don't drive some vehicles that were not restricted due to the server still not being updated and you did still drive them. Also there are some other situations with different admins but I don't have the examples right now. 2-Talking behind members=> Yes, we do have proof of your logs. 3-Your personnal Playground=>Yes, Refer to 1, people are tired of you for what you are doing in game.
  10. Those two people (Gravy Baby and Westie) are already banned on sight as they are disrespectful, lying, not listening to admins and sending porn on teamspeak.
  11. Will not even take the time to read your appeal as you are not showing any respect in the title. Ban appeal Denied as a director already said that you are banned for 6 months.
  12. Also gang attack on police isn't roleplay because if you are only here to shoot people or police without any reason or any roleplay, you can go find an other server.
  13. ban appeal

    Even if you wanted to use it in a "good way", those mods are strictly prohibited and automatically lead to a permanent ban.
  14. His friend is Chad Soyer.
  15. You also have been banned for musical horn spam. Custom horn is forbidden.