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  1. Back from holidays, you will keep your warning. Pulling out a gun after being tased is FAIL RP. Instantly after being tased the 2nd time, you stood up and directly shot the officer with your pistol. There is no reason to argue with this, your warning will be kept.
  2. Well, the proof is here, you told your other name by yourself, plus the system records every name change and still show your original name. As you are lying to us, your ban appeal as been DENIED.
  3. This is a ban appeal, not a conversation. If you aren't part of the situation, please refrain from answering on this topic. Wait for a director to answer you. 02/26/2017 Junkozane
  4. The problem is, most calls are in Sandy, and cops patrolling the other areas become tired and annoyed of not seeing anyone. So they generally come back on Sandy, even when we tell them to patrol somewhere else.
  5. If you are crashing while driving only in some specific streets, then no choice to remove it actually.
  6. Well, depending on trainers, sometimes you can remove objects. Easiest way to be able to remove an object, is when this one is attached to a vehicle. When you delete the vehicle, the object will disappear with it. One thing to remember, if you get far from the vehicle and nobody is around, the object will detach by itself from it and stay in the air or fall in the ground, depending of the object and if dynamic, I guess, is activated. You will sometimes see me in a CVPI with a rotating object light on the roof. I'm always staying near my vehicle to be able to make it visible/invisible when I need/don't need it. I give warnings for people spawning objects anywhere else than on vehicles, mainly if they can't be removed, and I insta-kick/ban if I see someone spawning a lot of objects.
  7. Well keep him banned, I just banned him again earlier in front of you Bugs when he jumped his car on the dirt road of Joshua road. He was using the name NoVaZayn.
  8. Hm seems like your game didn't download all the playermodel skins. You may have to keep joining until you don't have anymore those "Failed a request in ResourceCacheDevice" errors. Otherwise try using those playermodels and see if you crash.
  9. Well, depending on your computer specs, you may have to play with directx 10.1 or 10, that will lower and deactivate some HD settings. GTA is already requesting a lot by itself but FiveReborn and depending of stuff there is on a server will need you to have even better specs. Even with my new memory and GPU, I'm still having sometimes memory errors. For the texture loss, playing with lower directx version or lower graphics will let you play more before maybe having texture loss too.
  10. Some people are able to play without a steam version. First thing you need to try is to add Fivereborn as a "non-steam game" in your steam library, then launch it with it. If not working, try to add GTA 5 as a "non-steam game" in your library, launch it one time, then close it and launch Fivereborn again from steam. Hope that will help you, I'm sure there is a way so non-steam version will work.
  11. Well the advantage of mods.asi method is to don't modify the original game. A lot of people forget to do backups and they will just not be able to play or have sounds bugs if they do a mistake. That's why I keep encourage people to use the mods.asi method and not the Afflix archive version. The mods.asi that was in Emergency 1 need to be re-uploaded. I will see if we can directly put it in the data files that people need to download for the server, maybe in a separate folder.
  12. Is that a memory error? Because some memory error can pop you up a error message that if you don't click on it, you will still be able to play. But your textures won't continue to load if you leave the area you are in actually.
  13. Police already have /bk that must be only used for emergency situation (code 99 which is officer in need of immediate assistance). It will put a GPS waypoint. Otherwise we use the street name. Even if it is difficult, mainly in Los Santos, I'm trying to learn the streets name and their location, trying to remember them. I'm not even using PLD anymore, as it is crashing my game for some reason, and I'm using the google map style mod for the main map that have most streets name.
  14. I often have it too, depending on which server it is, even with a steam version of GTA 5. Can't do anything against that, you just need to try to keep joining or restart Fivereborn multiple times.
  15. I have a MSI Z97 Gaming 7 for over 2years I think now, and no problem with it. Got 2 MSI GTX 760tf and only got 1 fan problem with the first one I got that have been changed from the website I bought it. Otherwise, no problems. Right now I still have the same motherboard + a KFA² GTX 1080 and 1 MSI 760 for my old CRT screen.