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  1. enb2014_12_7_2_46_3.jpg

  2. Throwback

    Models pictured by PoliceWag and Bxbugs123
  3. Crazy things happen when I get pissed off.
  4. Thin blue line

    Model by Gump
  5. BCSO

    Model by Bxbugs123
  6. You can come on whenever you feel like. There are no certain times as of yet.
  7. The point of having the server open on weekends was to increase the amount of members. Opening the server was to give people a chance to see what HSG is all about. Now it's impossible for the members to even get into the server because it's so full. I'm not the only one that feels the server should be closed again. I have countless members telling me that we should go back to how it used to be. We have enough people now that the server should be closed again. The quality of roleplay has significantly changed from how things used to be before the server opened. I go from responding to domestics to responding to shots fired every 5 minutes. #makeHSGgreatagain
  8. I was playing LSPDFR the other day and I noticed when searching a car that an animation is played. I was wondering if this could be added to the server to add more realism. When the officer types /me searches car or /me searches suspect the animation would play. If there is a way to script this in that would be great.
  9. ASP

    Models by Bxbugs123
  10. Nice!
  11. Paleto

    Models by Bxbugs123
  12. You can never have enough lights.

    Model by Bxbugs123
  13. I'm sorry officer, I didn't see you.

    Model by Bxbugs123
  14. Meme enhancer

    Model by Bxbugs123