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  1. The admin in-game may have considered you changing your name as an attempt to evade a ban. As far as the temporary ban goes, please be patient and you should be unbanned soon. Also, please make sure to follow the proper format when posting a ban appeal.
  2. I'm going to go ahead and lock this topic before there are any more issues. Please make sure when reporting a player to make sure they have actually violated a rule.
  3. Since you were banned temporarily you will be unbanned once the server is restarted. I suggest that you try to rejoin tomorrow. The servers should be restarted by then.
  4. I was playing LSPDFR the other day and I noticed when searching a car that an animation is played. I was wondering if this could be added to the server to add more realism. When the officer types /me searches car or /me searches suspect the animation would play. If there is a way to script this in that would be great.