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  1. Fuso, discord invite has expired.
  2. Here they are: Error 1: http://imgur.com/a/3gDp3 Error 2: http://imgur.com/a/gF5jJ
  3. UPDATE! Now been waiting for nearly 3hours now if the channel says "Server Support [ONLINE]" In the description it says "[ONLINE] = Development staff are online to assist you with server-related issues." This is clearly not the case when I have been waiting in this channel for 3hours without being noticed by any "Development staff" judging by my experience within the previous 3hours I don't think that there is "Development staff" here to assist me because I'm sure if there was any staff active and available they would attend to me as I am the only person who is in the "Server Support [ONLINE]" channel at the moment.
  4. I have currently been sitting in the Server Support channel for at least 40-50minutes waiting for somebody to attend me. The Server Support says that it is "ONLINE" but I can't contact any admins in game due to the fact that my game doesn't want to play HSG. If I try to connect to other servers it works just fine but HSG is just a problem. I have took screenshots of all the error messages I have been receiving.
  5. Bugs didn't stop this as a choice it is the new FiveM policy and I believe now you can only get M3 by previously being M1 or M2.
  6. I think a /mute or /amute would be useful for if people are "hotmicing" or if an admin is trying to talk to somebody and another person is interfering with the conversation. I just thought it would be useful if it is possible.