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  1. Anyone else update TS3 and are unable to connect it saying that the server is too "old" to connect to it?

    1. NefariousCharm


      Check in Discord under support - there's a fix posted how to revert your TS. Ours isn't updated yet so if your TS updated the versions aren't compatible.

    2. Pole_Ice


      I need the discord link, the discord invite on the site here doesn't work, unfortunately.

    3. NefariousCharm
  2. Pole_Ice

    Basic Fire and EMS Operations

    Well done on the documentation.
  3. Hey man,

    Read all of your EMS/FD tutorials - amazing. I think the images made it go the extra mile.

    I learnt many things, but the two main things were; how to RP FD/EMS correctly; where abouts things are stored inside of a Ambulance or Fire Truck.

    Amazing! Keep up the good work.

    1. Pole_Ice


      Thanks for reminding they were there.

  4. hello! cant i get one more chance to prove ican rp correctly? :) this is the server i only play xD 

    and i havent notice ihave got soo many reports.. hope ucan give me last chance!

    regards ricky ross

    1. Pole_Ice


      Im sorry but you’ve been given plenty of chances as it is already. If you would of read the kick messages carefully and changed your behavior at that time it would of been different.

  5. FFI > FFII Happening today at 12PM Noon Central. 1PM ET.

    1. Pole_Ice
    2. J. Granger

      J. Granger

      That was a honest mistake, I didn't hit submit replay but it still posted it. lol

    3. Pole_Ice
  6. FFI > FFII Training January 6th at 12PM Central.

  7. Reminder, Fire Training for FireFighter I members for FireFighter II promotions coming Friday December 15th at 2AM Central Time. UTC-6.

  8. Attention all Fire Fighters, Training coming Friday morning has been moved to 2AM Central, -5 UTC. 1 Hour later.

  9. Fire Training for FireFighter I members for FireFighter II promotions coming Friday December 15th at 1AM Central Time. UTC-6.

  10. Fire Training for Fire Fighter I Members that training starts in less than an hour.

  11. Reminder to all FFI Firefighters. If you wish to have a chance to progress to FFII, there is a training class today at 1PM Central. That is 4 hours and 22 minutes away from this posting.

  12. All FF, there will be training for FFII happening Saturday at 1PM CST.

    Check the Fire Dept Forums, post has been there a few days.

  13. Attention: Admins, PD and PWORKS.

    A Notice has been posted in each of your forum board areas about FD now rolling in POVs in Blaine CO. Information in detail about the POVs is in that notice.