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  1. Nice, That's what I been doing anyway acting like an pwork. All I do is remove cars so that players can have an good time Rping
  2. Hello and welcome to HSG
  3. welcome to HSG
  4. Welcome to HSG
  5. Hell no, The age restrictions are set and there are reasons why. Anyway I wouldn't join an server that has people under 13. Putts me off
  6. welcome to HSG
  7. Welcome
  8. Firstly what's your budget?
  9. hello and welcome to HSG
  10. YO and welcome to HSG
  11. LOL ask permissions to steam, Come on they can't force you not to steam.
  12. Hi and welcome to HSG
  13. Always open on my end, Just keep on click till it allows you to join. mostly it says server full
  14. Welcome to HSG
  15. Welcome to HSG