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  1. welcome to HSG, hope you have fun here
  2. thanks for sharing
  3. End of the day it's want comes done to that person but I do like the car from this pack http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11906-los-santos-county-sheriff-pack-4k-2k/
  4. maybe!! But isn't the best model that I seen
  5. You need to have the steam version of the game, I posted on reborn about this some time ago and spent hours working on getting it to work with the disc version with no luck. End results that I got GTA5 on steam sale and reborn works :)
  6. How did you fix it then?
  7. Hello @Maine37 and welcome, It's also good to have an real Fire Fighter career guy :)
  8. Have you removed and installed reborn again? and does it do it to all of the servers that you trying to join or just HSG server?
  9. 1x for me also Just hope that the players won't spam the command. Have you guys thought of that?
  10. Come on play the game hard-play. That's how cops play in real life lol
  11. Most of all models are server side
  12. All models are private and made for HSG only and so I don't think it be accepted
  13. I don't mind