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San Andreas State Police
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  1. GTA 5 Redux

  2. The end is near, I hear information that T2 is now trying to shutdown FiveReborn and also other hooks

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    3. Empire


      Yeah... When? they drinking tea and watching TV as we wait for months lol



      They will maybe release statement after GTA VII comes out

  3. Restore Request

    Hope you guys are saying the real deal amount of hours you spent. With proof of video or image you good to go however just an text saying 50 hours fir an example anyone can say it.
  4. @Knwolf30Please chnage my name from EMpire to Empire, Lower case M

  5. Enhanced Police Roleplay

    Cool and good information
  6. Thanks for sharing this will help allot for new incomers :)
  7. Cloudflare's memory leak caused by a serious bug that impacted