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  1. Name: Thuran Time: 12:04 p.m. 1/11/2017 Other players name: Kanersps Rule broken: Abusing his administrative privileges Recollection of events: There were about 3-4 cops sitting at one traffic stop, I was the supervisor. Kane rolled up, switched to an admin skin and told all the cops to "80 percent of you fuck off" and I said to him "No i'm the supervisor and I can govern how many cops can be here and not the admin, thats not your job". Kane then proceeded to then randomly shoot all the police and say "Leave or i'm kicking you" and then kicked cops trying to shoot him back because he was RDMing us. Mikichii was present near the end and might of seen some of Kane's abusing. Proof and/or other comments: There was atleast 5-6 witnesses that saw him do this, including the civs on the traffic stop. One of the people have a screenshot but we cant upload it for some reason.
  2. I've been a membere for like 1 week and a bit now and I still dont have member on forums, can I get some help please?