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  1. You were banned by @iPayforyourEBT this ban appeal is pending response by the issuing Admin.
  2. This isn't caused by any computer related issue. It's caused by a asset. It is being resolved.
  3. Your behavior in the server is unrelated to roleplay? I don't understand how that even makes sense and I'd hope Emergency Services are treating each scenario differently unless obviously your character hasn't changed from the last encounter, but okay. I also advise you read up on some vehicle codes regarding vehicle tint and your indicators usage before complaining about it :p The MDT (mobile data terminal) is designed specifically for Emergency Services or Public Works. What you're aiming towards is more specifically a character system, of-which would link members of the departments to a faction registered character. This is a really great idea and of course would add an exceptional amount of value to roleplay and most certainly benefit in assisting with clearing out chaotic roleplays. This requires planning and system designing, so there's really no in place plans or promises for implementation of it anytime now, soon, or in the future. +1 suggestion.
  4. You basically want a way of just hitting the reset on your own crimes on the server? No. If you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime. This sounds a lot like publically seen systems. While I like this idea and concept, it doesn't actually really touch the tip of the iceberg and kind of just seems of a way to empower players to power game or meta game in some form or another.
  5. Updated. 10-12-2017
  6. It is fine to request the server be unrestricted, however it's highly unlikely due to the nature of how, when, and why the server gets restricted. Furthermore, you should the below. It's not only CRs that get punished, sometimes it travels up the list, even CU-M2 get pushed off for M3+ players. I, however will be declining this request (and locking the thread). If a Directorate or the other TS Developer wishes to comment on this they will.
  7. Fairly certain this ban was temporary, not permanent. Please wait confirmation from a Server Director. @Bxbugs123 or @Romaine Brooks
  8. You are preaching the already sought after ideas. A lot of people are asking for these systems and some are already in the planning stages I believe.
  9. You will need to regain those hours.
  10. The more vehicles we add the more we congest the server.. :( As it stands already the client already has a lot of work colling (client's cache loading method) all of the streamed assets as it is that are currently utilized. It needs a little bit of cleaning up before more can be introduced.
  11. The first one is for Admins+ only to know, not the players (regardless of CR, CU, M1 - M3) standing. The second one, I like the idea of being able to bring up the last 10 or so ads. The third one, I like and actually has been discussed before for being able to bring up previous PMs sent to you.
  12. Can only be assumed that not many look ban appeals. I presume. Specifically permanent bans are handled explicitly by Directors due to when/how they are implemented. Just wait for a Director.
  13. Greatly appreciated @Dr. J. Davidson.
  14. Just because you have received an ingame permanent ban does not mean you are banned permanently from the rest of the community services. If you want to continue on and have that sort of an attitude, that can be made to happen in that manner though.
  15. I feel that the system should put you into a "downed state" with a respawn timer (of which everything regarding your character gets reset) rather than just liquidating you and respawning you at a medical center. I can't go into too much depth on how I want to re-address such system because of the nature it is utilized currently. You definitely should have a point of being critically injured that you bleed out rather than iust being dropped on the spot instead. It has its pros/cons and in practice needs to be done versus a theory. Which I look forward to utilizing a change in such manner that allows more roleplay or more rush to find a medical center to be treated for what could be a fatal injury due to bleeding out. Of course making a more improved realistic injuries system could be done too, for different injuries such as GSWs, fire burns, "broken bones," etc - kind of bring in a diagnose and treat system where depending on the severity of your injuries does it require hospitalization or not. Which could bring a more in depth store inventory that allows you to purchase various medical supplies for minor injuries. If anyone has suggestions on improving this concept or changing it I am open to the ideas, however keep in mind we still need to enforce that it is roleplay and if you "can just respawn" it defeats the purpose.