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  1. Cop lights bugged (floating mid-air)

    This is because of your visualsettings.dat that is in your 'citizen\common\data' folder.
  2. HighSpeed-Gaming SMRE Roster | 2017

    Updated. 12-11-2017 + Junkozane (F. Yokas) to Lead Admin | A3 - Dr. J. Davidson (Jaysassin) from Admin | A1 - MAG from Admin | A1 to General Staff | GS
  3. Unable to operate cmd Shortcuts

    Some of the commands require you to be CU+ or even M1/M2/M3+ (moved this to the server support forum)
  4. Crashing as loading in

    This isn't caused by any computer related issue. It's caused by a asset. It is being resolved.
  5. HighSpeed-Gaming SMRE Roster | 2017

    Updated. 10-12-2017
  6. Lost of Hours

    You will need to regain those hours.
  7. Servers and TS3 Down?

  8. BUG report spawning coyote2

    You are not the other person to have experienced this. As this occurred during testing with numerous vehicles, including the named vehicles in this thread. For now, just try to avoid spawning these vehicles for now
  9. temp server hours

    The hours on the temporary server cannot be recovered as there was no database tracking or recording these hours.
  10. Bugs Report

    The first issue is a result of scripthook, and caused by using menu options such as 'restore appearance' and 'restore weapons' - all players and members of the community should avoid using this option and manually select their peds, and manually retrieve their weapons. The second issue is a result of the majority of the 'Emergency Services' stuff doesn't work correctly as of yet. It's currently a work in progress and is a result of parts of the system and database not communicating with each other. The third issue is well, a result of snowballs not being restricted, so that's wild and will be fixed. The fourth issue is a result of the data for the vehicle not being able to properly send this data back and forth between the server and client.
  11. Bug Report. Missing Street Names

    This actually occurs in several other locations. It's actually on the big list of to do's. It's a result of the location display not being able to grab the street A and/or street B information correctly.