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      Connecting to HSG Servers   03/04/2017

      To connect directly to our servers, do the following:

      In the client hit the settings button at the top right, looks like two cogs hanging out together. Enter your Username, the in the Server IP Type one of the following then hit connect: Server 1 = gta.highspeed-gaming.com Have fun! (Expect an announcement soon regarding the removal from the masterlist)   Like this


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  1. Shouldn't you be following the format for reporting? You should use it, it would help staff alot :)
  2. to be a civ its 15 and up, to be a cop or fire its 17
  3. its /help look under contact info, not /ts3 anymore
  4. Hes talking about the forum groups
  5. has happen to me a couple of times
  6. Yea, honestly the age requirement should be 16 but if your 15, you can be accepted but you would serve 1 to 2 weeks as P-Recruit then after that 2 weeks you become a recruit
  7. Exchanging fire

  8. Exchanging fire

  9. Exchanging fire

  10. Exchanging fire

  11. Escorting Sunset

  12. 20170216232725_1.jpg

  13. C130 Taxiing

  14. It's just the files, don't delete the folders
  15. Clear your cache folder, just delete the files not th folders