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  1. to be a civ its 15 and up, to be a cop or fire its 17
  2. its /help look under contact info, not /ts3 anymore
  3. Hes talking about the forum groups
  4. has happen to me a couple of times
  5. Yea, honestly the age requirement should be 16 but if your 15, you can be accepted but you would serve 1 to 2 weeks as P-Recruit then after that 2 weeks you become a recruit
  6. It's just the files, don't delete the folders
  7. Clear your cache folder, just delete the files not th folders
  8. possible making a create blip action, so that way you could have multi blips and not a waypoint as way points would be a bit annoying
  9. Buy a legit copy of gta v
  10. Some jobs has been abused lately. Some people go on as said jobs and abuse the commands. Instead of just kicking them off the server, a job ban would stop them abusing. So in coding terms this would how I would see it be done. There would be a ban for each job, and not globally, so if banned on cop, they can still be pworks or ems player tries to login into job that command checks if your banned from that job server says yes on ban server sends message saying you are banned from this job /my info could also have a place saying active job bans then if a player wants to be unbanned from job they would go through the same process as If they were banned. admins could actually enforce jobs from being used right, as one of the admins said he was going to enforce jobs behavior
  11. complaint

    I have hope in GTA-Orange, someone in the discord in GTA:Orange was saying something bad about rage, and how its like dead.
  12. complaint

    GTA-Orange is now in closed beta like a week or 2 ago, and I don't think GTA Network allows you to have custom vehicles, other wise I would think fivereborn would be dead if it had that option
  13. complaint

    Well you will have to convince Bugs, because Bugs does not want to switch because it does not allow asi mods and because theres no lua support of yet. They could switch to GTA-Orange, which uses lua, and have custom vehicles, but yet again its going to be a no because no asi mods.
  14. complaint

    2 Servers, both 24/24, like whats up with that? Why cant there be a server for members only? Like what happen to putting Members first??