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  1. Restore Request

    @Bxbugs123 I only got my hours back. I still need my M3 rank in-game.
  2. Mod setup and install

    +1. Since many people choose or cannot follow simple words, hopefully a video can help them.
  3. This is a very useful piece of information. Great thanks to you! +1
    Nice work! I absolutely love the with what you have done on this vehicle!
  4. server 1 overflow

    Server 2 was broken.
  5. FiveM Not Loading

    Update: I tried that again, and it worked! I don't know how, but it works!
  6. FiveM Not Loading

    I tried that, but It didn't work. All I get is an error message. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. FiveM Not Loading

    My FiveM is not loading. It goes through a screen like it is updating every time I try to load up FiveM. I also cannot go on to the FiveM website. I tried reinstalling FiveM and that did not work. I am trying to validate the GTA V files now.
  8. Becoming CU

    The server is not always restricted to CU. Once you are in, talk to an admin and they can direct you to a server admin. Also, join TS and then you can contact an admin on their.
  9. Becoming CU