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  1. Over the past few days I have noticed RTO being enforced more strictly, which is great. I feel a point where some people are lacking is radio etiquette and procedures. I will briefly go over some points and one example in this. Radio Etiquette. In reality, in most cases when using a two way radio, you can not talk and listen at the same time like you can with a mobile phone, it is simply transmitting or receiving. Make sure not to talk over anyone as this causes confusion and further complicates situations. Bearing in mind that a dispatchers only information is the things they're hearing through the radio, if you've got 5 people telling you different things, it's going to get difficult. Never interrupt a radio conversation unless it is an emergency. Wait until the conversation is over before starting another radio call. Do not respond if the call is not for you. Always wait for your callsign to be said before responding to a radio call. If you think your callsign was mentioned but you are not quite sure, wait for the caller to say it again. Always make sure to think before you speak, the key to radio transmissions is to get your message across as quickly and efficiently as possible. Make sure to listen before transmitting, that way you can be sure you are not going to interrupt a radio call or emergency situation. If dispatch or superior engages a Signal 100 or emergency radio traffic rule, only emergency radio traffic should be transmitted. Any other traffic should be taken to another channel. Make sure all communications are done in a Clear and Calm way. Examples; Plate check; “P-90 to P-00 Direct P-90, P-00 send traffic P-00, P-90 available for plate check? P-90 this is P-00 affirm. P-00, P-90 Plate check on 46JEK628 P-90 standby P-90 Standing by” From this point the airways are clear until P-00 engages contact again. This would be done similarly to how the traffic first started. “P-00 to P-90 P-00, P-90 go P-90 information comes back…” ------------------------------ Changing channel; “P-90 to P-00 Direct, P-90, P-00 send, P-00 switch to channel x, P-90 switching to channel x.” Switch to the channel specified and wait for the person to reply to you. “P-90 this is P-00, send your message….” Words like 'this is’ or 'send your traffic’ can be shortened or sometimes even missed out. As long as your radio traffic makes sense, even so much so a 3 year old could know what you're talking about, you're doing part of your job right. I could go on for longer but most of radio communication is quite similar. I hope this is useful in anyway shape or form. Stick to proper radio etiquette and everything will be much more efficient! A radio is your friend and a lifesaver!
  2. +1
  3. Yeah, it was the first one I noticed. Thanks for letting me know it's on the (ever growing) progress list though. Thank you!
  4. Found these missing street names by the Pier http://prntscr.com/gohbq0 http://prntscr.com/gohc4b
  5. Reporting Name: J. Hodgson Time: 2200 UTC Other players name: Did not ask for consent for names on the report but names are mentioned in the video so if further backing up is required there are names to go to. Rule broken: Admin Impersonation Recollection of events: J. Hodgson (a well known name in this Community due to previous events) joined the server with the name "J. Hodgson Admin" (with the name color tags). Straight away I remembered his name so asked him twice in global chat, no response was given so I took it to PM's, where he admitted he was "bored" and had "nothing to lose". I am aware of the various reasons why the ban was no longer in place, but reinstating the ban is necessary as he is not here to do good. Proof and/or other comments: Shadowplay video https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6E_d6fZqzzNb0JlbmxOTGhkV0U/view?usp=drivesdk
  6. Name: Ripperino Time: 1709GMT Other players name: Dan, L1mited, Magma Rule broken: Mod Menu abuse Recollection of events: Everyone started to crash because of spawned vehicles. Dan, L1mited and I found a very long line of supercars. Halfway through deleting we had someone come into the channel telling us to come to the PD as there are spammed Bisons everywhere. Proof and/or other comments: http://prntscr.com/glwqie http://prntscr.com/glwqza http://prntscr.com/glwrpa Video being uploaded as we speak but Scottish Highland internet is very slow. Will post link after it loads.
  7. I haven't read the other posts yet just to retain my thoughts. I have yet to find a problem with the Nora unit program. I believe the people complaining about certain Nora units because of bad conduct, are the guys who don't help them. If you have a consistent problem report them, it's not difficult. The Nora unit program works to develop the skills required to be a trooper, helping reduce the training time and mistakes can be made when they are not representing SAST. I believe creating structure in the LSPD and BCSO would be a good idea to be able to deal with problems, and also to introduce some FTO's into the program, but not to the extent of SAST. We all started somewhere. You can't just go from Pre-school to College.
  8. Ashley24OnMixer is unable to see any of these sections.
  9. Ah. My lack of ability to read strikes again. Apologies.
  10. You don't need to apply for CU. It is given to you by an admin after reaching 25 hours.
  11. Hate to necrothread here but @SmokinMonk could we talk sometime about trying to sort a time that suits us? Can never catch you online. I boarded onto SAST 80 Days ago (from 17 April to time of posting, 06/07/17). Thanks
  12. This might be true, but my only concern was that this started happening just 2 weeks ago. Will wait for the new update and try again.
  13. Here's a wee problem I've had lately, and a plethora of screenshots to go with it. This only established within the past 2 weeks. All other Multiplayer games work seamlessly. Image 1a When connecting to the server I have about 5 seconds synced to the server, then I single out. On my screenshot above it shows nothing abnormal. Weirdly, when I single out I receive all /me and /do's globally, no matter where a player is within the server I receive these messages, I have also confirmed these were not /meg or /dog. Image 1b Internet speed. Nothing exciting, I live in the Scottish Highlands and this is an average speed in my area. I have taken the speed test 3 times for an average and the results do not vary enough to cause a problem 5M folder GtaV folder Plugin folder Images 1c 1d 1e My install folders at the time of the report. Steps already taken: 1. Uninstall plugins and rerun game (no fix) 2. Re-install FiveM (no fix) 3. Reinstall GTAV (no fix) 4. Reinstall Steam (no fix) 5. Change wireless and ethernet powerline (no fix) 6. Phoning ISP to get an engineer (no fix) I am stuck for ideas. Anyone else had this happen?
  14. Pworks is a job system ingame where you tow vehicles. Kind of similar to a mechanic (also another job). Or you can be a roadworks saftey officer, road maintenance the limitations are endless. As long as it falls under the category of Public Works.
  15. I see what your saying but Security and Pworks aren't normal AI vehicles. Adding the model that OP said wouldn't be too much of a problem as long as it didn't replace another model, therefore AI would drive it.