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  1. Cop lights bugged (floating mid-air)

    +1 on what Rivers said. Generally, if you visit other servers - or have done in the past - it is bound to cause some sort of conflict in the model configurations. Happens to all of us. Clear your 5M Application Data (or just the cache and citizen) and run the 5M executable again, that will start you with a fresh install of 5M.
  2. Server Restriction question

    Ah. My lack of ability to read strikes again. Apologies.
  3. Server Restriction question

    You don't need to apply for CU. It is given to you by an admin after reaching 25 hours.
  4. My Game? Or The Server?

    Here comes the generic checklist: 1. Have you checked your latency? 2. Have you cleared your cache folder? 3. Have you removed all plugins and then tested the game? 4. Have you reinstalled FiveM? What happens when you split lobby? Is there an audience error sound?
  5. Restore Request

  6. Do you have ELS installed? This is a common problem regarding extras.
  7. Hours lost in game

    If you could use this topic. That would be great. (Hyperlink) Thanks.
  8. Teanspeak

    Please join the "Tags" channel and wait for a SMRE admin to get your tags sorted out. After this you will have access to the TS.