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  1. NA

    Taking this off of this topic and now into PM's.
  2. NA

  3. NA

    (Off topic) haven't changed it yet. Thanks for reminding me.
  4. NA

    As far as I'm aware there is no minimum age. It is just CU that defines ability to be a Nora. If you have a problem with a specific Nora unit just report them (just like you would with any other problem) to the supervisor or an admin. If you're talking about not knowing what they're doing, we were all in that position. It's everyone's responsibility to help eachother, so give them a hand and show them the way to do things.
  5. Please make sure to read this thread Many thanks.
  6. Damn, gonna miss you bud. Only spoke a few times but they were great. Thanks for everything you've brought to the server and good luck with whatever life brings you!
  7. Main Teamspeak server is now restored. In future make sure to check the server status tab.
  8. Having certain servers restricted has been tried in the past if I remember. It worked fine, generally less stress, mostly high quality RP and generally a better atmosphere. However, there was a huge imbalance on the other servers, leaving the other 2 full of (what it would be now) CR's and CU's. Leaving FailRP and bad impression on the server (that's another topic). Admins would ask other to switch servers to maintain the RP standard of server 3 on 1 and 2. The reason our server is good is because we have experienced members on quite a lot of the time. Our senior members set an example for other who are willing to cooperate and learn. Having people wanting to ruin the server is going to be inevitable when having CU's and CR's. It's just something we need to accept as a community for as long as our servers are public. High-speed Gaming used to be a whitelisted server (if I remember correctly). The reason everyone is here now is because the choice to make it public. Just remember that.
  9. Ah. My lack of ability to read strikes again. Apologies.
  10. You don't need to apply for CU. It is given to you by an admin after reaching 25 hours.
  11. server

    Are you using specific keywords for it to show up in the search box? Also, have you tried direct connecting to the server? I know myself I had the same problem and it just came back into my list with time.
  12. Hate to necrothread here but @SmokinMonk could we talk sometime about trying to sort a time that suits us? Can never catch you online. I boarded onto SAST 80 Days ago (from 17 April to time of posting, 06/07/17). Thanks
  13. To clarify, are you talking about people becoming Trooper I to Trooper II, or Trainee to Trooper I?
  14. Concider myself not being able to read. Many Apologies.