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  1. Going to miss you bud. wish you the best
  2. i would like to see this on the server
  3. Hi. If you want to continue with fire or ems you will have to send an application and get through the interview. This can be found under the "Applications" section. Welcome!
  4. If you report someone when there is no admins on the next admin that comes on will see the report
  5. for me the key was G as default
  6. M3

    great role player whit good personality and sense of humor, he deserves M3
  7. i found this ( and one of my friends said it works he has logitech G-25
  8. and you can just try removing your "plugins" folder from FiveM and any mods you have in the main GTA folder or FiveM folder and try to lauch the game and play it that just start putting those mods back to the game folders one by one and try to spot what is crashing you ps when i had problems whit my game crashing i did this and found the problem. I hope this helps someone whit this problem
  9. Im gonna miss you :(
  10. you are not the only finnish guy here :D
  11. I agree. usually when im playing there is 1 or 2 admins but sometimes there is none. and if the community needs more admins i would be ready to take the job i am on every day and play actively. i follow the rules and i have 0 bans and 0 warnings and 410+ hours on the server. - M.Aho Trooper 1 P-32 -M.Aho Fire Lieutenant FD-8
  12. and if they can add it i can be a volunteer to test it :)
  13. yes please i would love it :) ( and i think im not the only one)