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  1. I agree. usually when im playing there is 1 or 2 admins but sometimes there is none. and if the community needs more admins i would be ready to take the job i am on every day and play actively. i follow the rules and i have 0 bans and 0 warnings and 410+ hours on the server. - M.Aho Trooper 1 P-32 -M.Aho Fire Lieutenant FD-8
  2. and if they can add it i can be a volunteer to test it :)
  3. yes please i would love it :) ( and i think im not the only one)
  4. kala.jpg

    fishing on duty :)
  5. 3.jpg

    picture from Sandy Shores FD
  6. 2.jpg

    picture from Rockford Hills FD
  7. 1.jpg

    picture from Paleto Bay FD
  8. I would love the tahoe for FD, it would be really good add to the FD car selection here is 2 really good ones (http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/14626-els-lsfd-battalion-chief-tahoe/) (http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/14636-lsfd-chevrolet-tahoe-ems/)
  9. hi 

    giphy (2).gif

    1. Vixen


      I see you've been having some fun with that gif there Miksu ;)

  10. paramedic all alone :D
  11. good vid, i will change my helmet form orange to white -fire Captain, M.Saatana (Miksu)
  12. I was there to as you can see in the background