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  1. how are you brotha. Been a long time since i seen that name and it took me to almost lost it all but i am a changed Man. Red I owe you the deepest apology, cause you was the one to help me when no one would answer me at on point. You know you are my true Brotha cause you were the first i called my blood brotha. But that's another chapter sir. I'm sorry if i ever disrespected you in the past brotha that is not the man you see today. God said Love one another cause he will always love us...So i'm so sorry and i pray that you forgive me. My GOD BLESS YOU AND ALSO BLESS YOUR HEART. You are a son of GOD..thank you for everything 

    i have been following this skin from the begin and omg i can't wait to put this on my models. This is amazing brotha keep up the crazy awesome work..
  2. O shit i'm hella lat on this question but somebody on gtainside.com released it with a few more other thing.
  3. lmao. how did u you see that?
  4. my new favorite LIGHTBAR


    © @Codex12Designs, @BxBugs123HighSpeedDesigns, @BHsProduction

  5. Whelen_Edge on a Mercury


    © @Codex12Designs, @BxBugs123HighSpeedDesigns, @BHsProduction

  6. Beautiful Right????

  7. ooooo...i'm not done with her yet that is just a test picture just wait for the next one
  8. 2014 Dodge Charger OMG


    © @Codex12Designs, @BxBugs123HighSpeedDesigns, @BHsProduction

  9. Damn She's Beautiful

    Thank you so so much to @Codex12™ for the model holy she's beautiful thank you

    © @Codex12Designs, @BxBugs123HighSpeedDesigns, @BHsProduction

  10. That sexy ass interior 2014 Charger

    © @Codex12Designs, @BxBugs123HighSpeedDesigns, @BHsProduction

  11. © @Codex12Designs, @BxBugs123HighSpeedDesigns, @BHsProduction

  12. shit...damn i can't wait to get my hands on her....OMG i'm going to treat her to good....
  13. please let me know when you do make that happen cause i love this model and thank you for all your hard work. I really do appreciate everything that you are doing thank you....
    man did everyone had to work that day are something. love the screenshot great job on that