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    EASY & EFFECTIVE GRAPHICAL ENHANCEMENT GUIDE FOR FIVEM BY BEN THOMAS This guide will help anyone wanting to make their game look alot more visually appealing without sacrificing frame rate or probability of texture loss. All Reshade presets are property of Redux and were not created by me, neither is any software demonstrated. (All links are at the bottom of the page). DISCLAIMER - I am not responsible for any damage caused to your game due to your incapability or failure to follow the guide properly. No GTAV files are directly modified at all. FiveM copy MUST BE CLEAN of any emissive modification packs such as Make Visuals Great Again and Radiance in order to work. All screenshots taken through Rockstar Editor with no additional enhancement by me in the HSG FiveM server. FOREWORD I decided to write this guide due to the amount of people asking me about my graphics settings and modifications after seeing my shared FiveM HSG screenshots, so instead of sharing files individually via private message I thought that I would eliminate the process alltogether, saving time for everyone. REQUIREMENTS Although all of my settings can be applied and used by everyone to achieve the same effect, there are some pieces of software that need to be installed in order to do so. Reshade - Reshade is a free piece of software developed by game enthusiasts in order to improve the colors and texture quality of games. Reshade works like Steam Overlay, it is just that an overlay, which is used as a filter to carry out desired tasks e.g. sharpening, vibrance enhancment, saturation modification. Think of it like live video editing. It can be downloaded at the link below for free, it works for all games and there are hundreds of presets out there to choose from but in this guide I am going to share with you the ones from Redux (which is a seperate and extremely heavy graphical enhancement system which we will use today for it's provided Reshade presets [which I have provided in order to save you downloading the entire of Redux just for the preset folder]). FiveM and it's assets - This seems extremely obvious but in this guide we will be utilising the "citizen" directory within the FiveM application data in order to modify Rockstar's inital graphical intentions for GTA 5. SETTING UP RESHADE (PART 1) Once you have clicked the download button on the Reshade website (provided below) you need to save the file, the appearance of this box or message may vary depending on your browser or operating system. When you open the file you have saved you will be confronted by a box, this is the Reshade program. As you can see it is extremely simple and easy to set up. Now you have the window open you need to select one of the radio buttons in order to select your graphical processing firmware, this will depend on your graphics card and/or operating system. New versions of windows will use Direct3D 10+. Once you have selected the correct setting you can now press "Select Game", in this guide we will be selecting FiveM. Navigate to the folder in which your FiveM and application data directory resides and select FiveM. Then follow through the installation process, checking all of the available filters to download. Now we will get to loading the provided presets below. Once you have the presets downloaded place them in a folder you will remember after you have downloaded them. Press the large "Edit Reshade settings button", this will open the basic Reshade configuration. Press the three dots (...) next to the presets path and select a preset(s) from the memorably named folder from before containing the presets from Redux I have provided. Then click save. SETTING UP RESHADE (PART 2) Load into FiveM and wait for the presets to load, do not be alarmed if the game appears unresponsive for a short period of time, this is normal. Once FiveM and Reshade have loaded and you are looking at the main screen carry out the keyboard shortcut: SHIFT+F2. A settings box should be opened. You can now manage all of your graphical enhancements while in game! Cool right? Click on the drop down box which will display the presets you selected from that memorable folder. Select the desired preset and then close the box after pressing reload. Reshade is now installed, you should see a visual difference in the colours displayed in the menu. From now on when FiveM is opened Reshade will automatically load alongside it and default select your primarily chosen preset. INSTALLING MODIFIED VISUALSETTINGS This process will teach you how to install my providied file which is a modified version of "visualsettings.dat", which pumps up vehicle lights (or emissives) during the day and night. Once you have downloaded the file from the link below ignore any pop ups asking you to open the file in a different application or at all. Navigate to FiveM Application Data>citizen>common>data and add the "visualsettings.dat" file. Do not be alarmed if there is already one there just replace it. The modified visualsettings and Reshade have now been installed, easy right? AFTERWORD Thank you for reading my guide and disclaimer and I hope it allows you to reach desired visual effects in game. I have posted some examples at the top of the page aswell as in the Mediafire folder of my gameplay in the HSG server using the Dark & Realistic preset. LINKS This is the link to my cloud library containing all of my assets aswell as Redux's Reshade presets: [LINK] This is the link to download Reshade: [LINK]
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