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Dat Llama

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  1. The microwaved salad is ready, I just need a spoon to finish it off, and the lesbian shoes stay there, cause im scared they'll bite me.
  2. Thanks! But its the weekend!
  3. Oy guys, just llama here wishing you guys a merry christmas Just don't forget that lesbian shoe in your entrance OH and that microwaved salad you made.
  4. If you want send me suggestions! Ill be glad to put them in RP contexts at anytime. Remember i can't make up new ones if you guys don't tell me what you guys want!
  5. I've never tried it, but I am down
  6. Yes, yes you can.
  7. ahahahahaha
  8. Oh yeah , I must've misread, my bad guys
  9. A few staff members tried to whitelist me, I gave them my ID and I tried joining today just to test and it said I am unlisted... I tried with Eddy and alex and still no success...
  10. I say we make a huge ferstival about varieties of salads (chicken, cesar) but in all i think it should be abou microwaved salads only because gordon ramsay does enjoy my microwaved salads. can the event be held at sandy shores airfield on a friday night on a full moon when the chickens are tall enough to throw chicken coop? I don't know what i'm saying I am just really bored to the point im writing this
  11. Since Christmas is right around the corner, I though, why not add snow the server? Unless it makes people crash, bug or whatever shitty surprise fivereborn is reserving us, it would be pretty cool to have snow!