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  1. Armed Robbery at 24/7 in Harmony

    This was definitely one of the more interesting scenes.
  2. Custom siren sounds

    Edited main post to make it easier to notice this point.
  3. Injury after TC

    Road closed off
  4. Fire @ Fleeca....

    Doesnt exactly look "right"
  5. Night time at Sandy Airfield

  6. Flashy flashy

    Radiance and "Make Visuals Great Again"
  7. Lights in the Dark

  8. Night time in Paleto

  9. Blaine County Patrol sunset

  10. Rain

    Visuals are "Make Visuals Great Again" Simply add in fivem folder
  11. Traffic control in the rain

    Visuals are "Make Visuals Great Again"
  12. Night-time stand-by

  13. Nasty fall