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  1. Age and Apply for SAST

    Okay, thanks for quick response. I'll defently apply when I reach the 17 years. //R. Khaled / M1
  2. Age and Apply for SAST

    Hey Sir. It's because I would really like to join the the San Andreas State Police. I've really worked so hard to join and then suddenly today I was introduced by one of the other members. I'd. had a chance to look at the form and unfortunately I saw that I need to be 17. I turned 16 this January but would really like to join. Do you think that I am able to maybe go ahead and try to join and maybe go on a training program to see If I would be able to join or not. I would really like to join. And would be more than happy to go into another qualification period, just to let you guys now that I would really do anything to join. I really do hope that I am able to join, because to wait a year would be really long time, of course I would wait if not able to join now. I really do work my ass of to get so much experience on the server as possible. // R. Khaled / M1